Light hearted adventure comedy with a bit of drama thrown in for good measure

League of Extraordinary Gentle Gamers 2 : too big to fail

Paul Wilson

Formed in the late 1980s they are a secret organisation allowing stars to game amongst their own people. The Gm has been running a game for the last 2 years on the biweekly Tuesday game in Hollywood.

The sun has gone down on this fateful Thursday night , the GM is late and the party assembles in a underground gaming grotto for the last session of the campaig after a few missed games. The players are coming together for the final battle against the Evil Dragon king and his goblin horde.

Unfortunately the players have become a little.... disfunctional.

A metacomedy about the weekly game of D&D run in Hollywood. Celebrity Impersonations are encouraged.

PDQ Sharp!

Lashings of Ginger Beer - The secret symbol of the lost plot

Julia Blackmore

Yet another Famous Five piss take - in the style of the TV comedy Five Go Mad in Dorset by The Comic Strip team. What new spiffing adventure and fearsome adversaries will the wholesome team encounter this time? Or will it just be a pleasant and peaceful trip to some exotic windswept location - not likely old bean!!! No doubt, some kind farmers wife will provide stacks of cream cakes, ham sandwiches, bags of lettuce and loads of tomatoes - wizard!! So bring along your silly British accents, bicycles, camping equipment, and simply lashings of ginger beer - well hoorah!!

Lashings of Ginger Beer
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