Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 19th - 20th 2019

KapCon 29

KapCon 29 in 2020 is on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of January. Monday 20th is a statutory holiday for Wellington workers and can be used for recovery.

What is KapCon?

KapCon is a not-for-profit role-playing game convention run annually in Wellington, New Zealand, every January. Over a hundred people get together for a weekend of role-playing, in a diverse range of styles and systems. Over the weekend, more than 30 individual games are run, with volunteer GMs (or storytellers, narrators or facilitators) running games between one and six times over the course of the convention.

Aliens in the Shed

Mike Foster

Hi there

I believe y'all were acquainted with my uncle, Kevin Hadley, although maybe you knew him better as Sarge.
He always told people he was in the Marines, but I don't know that he ever was. Turns out maybe a whole lot
of stuff he said might not have been true. Anyhow, nobody's seen him for a while and seeing I was the one spoke
to him most it fell to me to come down and sort out his things.
He mentioned y'all a few times, always kept a photo right there on his desk, got your names on the back and everything.

From some convention or other, 20 somethin years ago, I think. So when I found he had a whole shed full of things from that Aliens movie he never stopped talking about I figured y'all were the best folks to talk to about it. I was hoping you might could come on down and take a look, I know it's a fair way to travel for most folks, but I'm sure you'll agree it's worth it once you see what's in there.

I got no idea how much any of this stuff is worth, but I though y'all could check it out and give me some idea,
maybe even make an offer for some of it if you were so inclined.

This probably don't make a whole lot of sense, but I can give a better explanation if you decide to come along.
The 18th works best, I've attached a document with the address and some directions. It ain't the easiest place in the world to find, but you'll know it when you see it


Holly Marsh


Adrift on Ruined Seas


In the coastal port town of Balance, Ballentia horror lurks nearby in the creeping fog. Ships go to sea never to return and creatures slither silently by in the ocean.

The Wistal Whistles have been called in by Benedict Orez, young mayor of the town. He was recently appointed by his Grandfather and former Mayor Sirap Orez. He is determined to solve the mystery surrounding the fishing boats of Balance that don't always come back home as the town is now in big trouble.

Will the Wistal Whistles, an extraordinary mystery solving team, be able to figure out what's going on and put the town back to the bustling port town it always used to be?

A tale of curses, lost love and high seas treachery. Come aboard, me hearties as we take to the sea! Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life .... and death ....

'Adrift on Ruined Seas' is a homebrewed one shot pirate mystery horror adventure based in The World of Isen created by Brad Zimmerman. The one shot is played over 3 to 4 hours with pre-generated level 7 characters featuring characters previously seen in another horror home brew one shot set in Isen, "The Hallowed Festival of Frights" with some new friends also in tow.

Warnings: This session is fairly fun and super welcoming of all ages, abilities and who folx are or want to be, there are one or two moments of scary. Just the usual mystery solving with monsters stuff but I like to be upfront and keep my players safety in mind at all times. Any questions regarding this, please ask. Also this session, being with level 7 characters is a bit more advanced so some basic prior knowledge is advised.

'Adrift on Ruined Seas' is set in the homebrewed World of Isen, created by Brad Zimmerman. Session DM’d by Julz Burgisser who plays Marley Kraff in the D&D 5e actual play podcast ‘Fate of Isen’ available for download on iTunes, Spotify and all good podcasting apps. See www.fateofisen.com for more details on Isen.

D&D 5e

LARP: The Left Hand

Katia De Lu & Matthew Baird

You are a member of a new-age cult, run by two charismatic leaders. They have invited you, and several of your rivals, to an exclusive event where you must prove your worthiness to become their new Left Hand. Only one will be chosen.

Can you navigate the toxic environment of manipulation, constant scrutiny, and bitter rivalries to be the chosen one? What inner mysteries of the cult can you discover? And what happened to the last Left Hand, whose place you are vying for?

- This has nothing to do with Lovecraftian mythos. The intention is for it to be dark and intense, exploring the manipulative tactics of real-world cults.
- Two players will be cast as the cult leaders. This will come with a bit of extra reading, but also extra knowledge/power/scope to make up aspects of the cult. The cult leaders will spend a significant part of the LARP interviewing candidates.

Content warnings:
Intense emotions, seriously unhealthy relationships (potentially one-sided and/or involving infidelity), gaslighting and manipulation, verbal/emotional abuse, financial and emotional exploitation, drugs, murder, suicide, religion


Blades in the Dark


You are the Grinning Ravens gang, a group of up-and-coming gangsters in Doskvol, a haunted Victorian city. Trapped between the leviathan-demons of the inky-black Void Sea and the anti-ghost lightning fence, the Grinning Ravens must seize their fortune from whomever stands in their way.

Will you go up against the Spirit Wardens, the bronze-masked anti-ghost squad? Or will you support them in their war against the Dimmer Sisters and the street-witches? Will you seek enough coin to live out your retirement comfortably, or push for fame and glory? Will you succumb your vice, your traumas, or plain old gunfire, or will you live to run another score?

A fast-paced, fiction-first game of heists, ghosts, flash-backs and making it all up as we go along.

System experience useful but not required.

Blades in the Dark

Bury the Living


The Berlin Wall has fallen, signalling the end of the Cold War, of spies, secrets, and the threat of totalitarianism. It is a time to build bridges and to rebuild the world. As with charity, the best rebuilding begins at home, and to rebuild you must destroy.

This is a scenario about finding a way to remove the tumour growing in the heart of The Establishment and throwing that baby out - without losing the bathwater. The scenario is likely to play out as a series of raids and confrontations, and for sure, not everyone is getting out alive or in one piece.

The game is inspired by the masers of Cold War action, Robert Ludlum and Ian Fleming*, but this being a roleplaying game, of course there's more going on than checking the slide on a Beretta or setting the timers to the same six minutes you always use.

* As unproblematic as I can make his style of action anyway.


Two can keep a secret


The Berlin Wall has fallen, signalling the end of the Cold War, of spies, secrets, and the threat of totalitarianism. It is a time to build bridges and to rebuild the world, but there are plenty of secrets left to grow anew in the ashes of burned spies. Now you know the truth, you've got to either disappear forever, or fight.

This is a scenario about what spies do when they finally learn a secret they can't keep, can't bury, and can't forget. Can they use what they know to serve their country, or will they be destroyed for the Greater Good? Depending on the approach taken, this could be a tense chamber piece of trust, or a more free-wheeling chain of investigation to climb the ladder of lies.

The game is inspired by the masters of Cold War paranoia and moral ambivalence, Graham Greene, Frederick Forsyth and John le Carre, but this being a roleplaying, of course there's more going on than sweating through confidential files and breaking alibis.


The Rabbit Snare


The Berlin Wall has fallen, signalling the end of the Cold War, of spies, secrets, and the threat of totalitarianism. It is a time to build bridges and to rebuild the world. But there is freedom, and there's freedom: when a junior government minister begins to behave erratically and take sudden trips abroad, questions must be asked. Asking questions is your business.

This is a scenario about a covert mission behind the fallen drapery of communism to trail a government minister and determine whether they're merely guilty of political crimes, or something more serious. Infiltrate, find the truth, and exfiltrate. Depending on the approach taken, this could run as something between a heist, a snatch-job, and an assassination. It's fairly certain not everyone makes it out of this one alive.

The game is inspired by the masters of Cold War infiltration, Frederick Forsyth and Len Deighton, but this being a roleplaying, of course there's more going on than trench-coats trudging through the snow and sweating in hidden listening posts.


Call for small larps

This year we are not offering a flagship, but we are seeking small larps to run as part of the normal gaming stream.

Our game-spaces are school classrooms. While they can fit 20 people for a larp, it gets a bit crowded, so 12 or less is probably a better number. We can offer more space in round 4 (the old flagship round), since there are usually people who skip the evening. So if there’s a couple of people wanting to run 20-player games in that slot, we can probably make it work.

We can access the NZLARPS Wellington gear library for set dressing, there’s not a lot of time between games to set dress and pack up, so low-prop games probably work better. We can take signups for your game if it requires costume of pre-casting.

We would like to run at least one small larp per round, so that’s at least 7 games. If you have something you think works, then please fill out the form here

Wake for the Lost

Conan McKegg

"We have just arrived in the Hargreaves 55 system. Mother has identified multiple... there's no other word for it. Superstructures. How did over fifty survey runs miss these. Some are as large as moons. The captain has ordered that the colonists be kept in stasis while we investigate. We request Colonial Marines support as soon as possible. We will initiate first contact protocols immediately."

It sounds impossible. A colonist ship on a routine trip to another world has found evidence of intelligent life other than humans. Sure there have been stories all across the Outer Rim colonies, but nobody believed them. Hundreds of surveyed worlds and we had all become convinced that humanity was alone in the universe.

Now you're on the USCSS Tempest, travelling on a direct route to an uncharted system. Nobody has heard from the colonists since they began to investigate the superstructures they'd found. Based on the data sent back, there is no disputing that the structures are artificial.

But nobody has heard anything more. Are they dead? Are these aliens hostile? Your team is heading to sleep for the final jump to Hargreaves 55. Who knows what awaits you when you arrive... better be prepared for anything, Marine.

"Wake for the Lost" is an action horror game that draws upon the results of the preceding "Children in the Graveyard" session. Your experience will be impacted by the decisions the previous players made. Your marines will be dealing with the fallout of that session, making for a unique adventure. Did anyone survive from the colonist ship? What did they find? Which object did they explore? Have they started an interstellar war?

Or will you be facing something so alien, you can't describe it?

Alien RPG
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