Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 23rd - 24th 2021

KapCon 2021: Initial call for games

The KapCon dragon has awoken. A little late this year, thanks to the pandemic and lockdown, but we're looking for games for our initial lineup for next year's con. We will only run if it is safe to do so (so we have to be in level 1, with no lockdowns, social distancing or public gathering restrictions), but for the moment we're assuming / hoping that that will be the case in January and planning accordingly. We'll be keeping an eye on the situation, and are aware that we may have to cancel the whole thing if there is another outbreak. That's just the world we live in now I guess.

We've already contacted the GMs who boldly offered games in the immediate aftermath of the con in January, but if you're interested in running something, then please log in and fill out the form.

We need about eight sessions of tabletop plus a few small (8-12 player) larps in each early round before we can open in early November. The sooner we get those games, the sooner we can open. We're trying to ensure we have plenty of teen-friendly offerings this year for Adventure Squad graduates, so if your game is teen-friendly, please tag it as such.

We do not currently have a flagship larp. If anyone wants to run something that meets our criteria (broad appeal, 3 hours, ~40 players), then please get in contact with "kapcon@gmail.com". If we cannot find a larp, we will simply run round 4 with extra tabletop.

I look forward to seeing your offerings.

KapCon 30

KapCon 30 in 2021 is on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of January. Monday 25th is a statutory holiday for Wellington workers and can be used for recovery.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the con will run only if we are in alert level 1.

What is KapCon?

KapCon is a not-for-profit role-playing game convention run annually in Wellington, New Zealand, every January. Over a hundred people get together for a weekend of role-playing, in a diverse range of styles and systems. Over the weekend, more than 30 individual games are run, with volunteer GMs (or storytellers, narrators or facilitators) running games between one and six times over the course of the convention.

How to GM panel

Paul Wilson

So you want to run a game But dont know where to start?
Are you looking to hone some skills?
Come and joins us at the Gm roundtable for a discussion on running games and some techniques to help you on your journey

We plan to cover:
Simple prep
Dont play for hours without your players
The Asymmetric nature of games
Your side of the game does not look like a players
How to engage in a dialogue with players
Roleplaying is a conversation lets model that.
Improv for beginners
getting beyond “ yes, and “
Basic safety tools
X Card , Line and Veils Script Changes, social contract
How to use your biggest assets at the table. Your players
Player roles and how you can get them to help you

If you want to cover a topic please contact the moderator
Paul Wilson


Call of Cthulhu - beginner friendly


This scenario takes place in Lovecraft Country, and is suitable for 2 to 6 beginner investigators. Can you survive the Horror with your mind and body intact? In Call of Cthulhu games, that is the real challenge.

Call of Cthulhu is typically set in the interwar period between 1919 and 1939. The Cthulhu Mythos, as it has come to be called, orignates with the writings of HP Lovecraft. Subsequently a number of other authors added to the corpus, which is why it is called the Cthulhu Mythos and not the Lovecraft Mythos. Many other RPG systems now exist set in the mythos, not always in the 1920s.

Call of Cthulhu unlike many other RPGs is quite dangerous. Sanity and your very life are always at risk. It is gritty and apart from the Fantasy Horror elements, aims to be quite realistic. A stab or a gunshot can kill you outright. However, smart investigation and care can mean all the investigators can survive and solve the mystery.

Call of Cthulhu is a game of cooperative investigation, but is not a co-operative game a la many board games. Also for those who have played a lot of DnD it is OK to split the party more than you will be used to. Players used to high hitpoints and magic potions of healing may be disappointed.

Call of Cthulhu

Ancient Rumblings

Grant Robinson

“Right, let’s get right to it, shall we? I need a few good deniable assets for a quick dungeon dive into the Containment Zone. You interested? Of course you are! This is what you do, and you lot are pros. Meet me in two hours, 10 PM at the Buried Treasure in Southside, a few blocks west of the Zone."

This is a Mission for Shadowrun 5th Edition. There will be a selection of pre-generated characters, or you are welcome to bring along your Missions-compatible characters.


Dune: Adventures in the Imperium - Desertfall


Based on the foundational science fiction novel, and other adaptations, this intro game will transport the player characters to Arrakis - the desert planet and only source of the spice, Melange, in the known galaxy.

Players will operate at an Agent level, to become involved in household politics and intrigue and investigate spies in their midst.

6 players. 2D20 system - need lots of d20 dice, or at least 2. Everything else included. Probably aimed at a mature audience although nothing you wouldn’t see in a PG movie.


Untrue Detective


It is the end of 1968.

Martin Luther King has been assassinated. Robert Kennedy has been assassinated. Soviet forces have invaded Czechoslovakia. There are Black Power riots across America. The Zodiac Killer murders his first victims.

On Christmas Eve, in Apollo 8, Jim Lovell, Bill Anders and Frank Borman—became the first humans to see the dark side of the moon.

On New Year's Eve, Raymond J. Quant, a property developer, is found dead in the empty street of a new Los Angeles development.


Dungeon World: A Litany of Scratches


The High Uttvelt is a natural labyrinth of impossibly high cliff walls, cut with deep gullies. Long ago, a thriving monastery stood on its edge, guarding a sacred healing spring and sending groups of monks west to pay for fine goods with silver. But decades ago the monks stopped coming, and the area was overrun with Drakes. But maybe some of their silver is still there...

This is a Dungeon World starter, based on on one of the adventure starters in the Trilemma Adventures book.

Dungeon World

Numenera Demo: The Kingdom Chalice


This is a demo, so we’re going to move quickly through the first act of the adventure. Like any RPG, we’d normally play through a lot of this stuff, giving the players a chance to take action, explore, ask questions, and discover much of this information through play instead of exposition. But today we’re going to zip through it to get to the heart of the adventure.

You live in the Ninth World. Legend has it that there have been eight previous worlds, each of which built great civilizations that flourished for millennia, spoke to the stars, reengineered the earth, creatures, and themselves, and mastered form and essence. Some people call that magic, but the wise know that these were technologies of the ancients.

The Ninth World struggles through a dark age, even as you are surrounded by the ruined splendor of the prior worlds. These remains often contain wondrous discoveries for those brave enough to face their many dangers. The purposes of the ancients’ leftovers are inscrutable and their effects often downright weird, but they can be a boon to people and societies toiling through this age of ignorance.

You and your friends learned of an ancient treasure called the Kingdom Chalice, rumored to cure the ill, grant knowledge and wisdom, and bestow heroic powers on its holder. Perhaps you seek it to bring enlightenment to your home cities, to pursue greater knowledge, or to access the riches or power such an item would surely bring. The Kingdom Chalice rests in an ancient city reached via a landmark called the Mouth of the Sky. But in days of searching you found no mouth, no city, and no chalice.

You stopped in an isolated village to rest and resupply. While supping with the village elders, an aging farmer appeared with a message of despair. “The earth bleeds,” she explained. “Where this dark blood seeps from the ground, my crops wilt and my animals lie ill.”

You followed as the elders investigated, and after some hours of tramping the partially wooded landscape, discovered that this dark fluid isn’t seeping from the earth—it’s raining, in a rarefied mist, from the area of a strange portal. There, a literal hole appears in the air, about 40 feet or so up, with several strange objects hovering below it. Through the hole, looking in from below, the sky seems different, and vague structures loom overhead!


Cypher System Demo: Predation


This is a demo, so we’re going to move quickly through the first act of the adventure. Like any RPG, we’d normally play through a lot of early stuff, giving the players a chance to take action, explore, ask questions, and discover much of this information through play instead of exposition. But today we’re going to zip through it to get to the heart of the adventure.

We’re basing this demo in part on our Predation campaign setting. We publish several settings for the Cypher System, but you can also use it to run almost any campaign you can imagine, from gothic horror to superheroes to sci-fi to conventional fantasy.

In Predation, you live in the late Cretaceous period. For decades, an organization called SATI sent “commuters” from the future back to the Creatceous for purposes of research and exploration. The commuters built labs, research centers, and even small towns, and travelled back and forth between their time and this time. But then, for unknown reasons, the time travel suddenly stopped working.

That was decades ago—before you were born. Grevakc—a world of technology and dinosaurs — is the only world you’ve known. There are tens of thousands of people living in the Cretaceous, but it’s mostly a dangerous wilderness.

You and your friends were hired to help a river merchant who runs between isolated jungle settlements. Deep into uncharted territory, you picked up a weak radio signal and recognized it as the beacon for a SATI time drop.

Have the SATI labs in the future somehow “fixed” time travel? Or has this drop been lost in the jungle for decades? Either way, it’s almost certainly a fortune in valuables, so you’ve disembarked and set out to discover it!

Cypher System
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