Tekumel EPT Science-Fantasy Dark Intrigue

The Ultimate Labyrinth

David Lemire

Heroic Lord Shrakán hiQoyélmu, of the Clan of the Golden Bough, has disappeared from ‘the round’ in Béy Sý. ‘The round’ refers to the endless series of feasts, ceremonies, processions, hunts, and parties that constitute the life of the nobility all across Tsolyánu, the Second Imperium. The disappearance coincided with two celebrated arrivals: that of the emperor’s youngest son, Prince Dhich'uné, from his years of priestly training in the forbidden city of Sárku; and that of the mysterious Livyáni legation, upon its way to Avanthár. The two parties entered Béy Sý at nearly the same time, as though by prior negotiation. Prince Dhich'uné’s small party eventually made its foot-worn way to the city’s gladiatorial arena, there to witness the spectacular advent of the Livyáni, who descended from dark and baroquely detailed aircars.

It was at the arena that young Lord Shrakán was last seen.

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