The Cure

American Gothix

Jacqueline Brasfield

Small town USA, 1986. The goth years.

You and the entire teenage goth population of your town (all 6 of you) have heard the best news ever - The Cure are coming to town!!!

Well, not your town. I mean, nothing ever happens in your one-cow town. This is going to require a road trip, and it's going to be EPIC. You have the family mini van, assorted useful (or not so useful) resources spread between you, and one shared goal: do whatever it takes to meet Robert Smith.

But as with all epic journeys there are challenges and adventures along the way. Will you even make it to the show in the end, or will one of the many possible distractions be your downfall?


American Gothix is a light-hearted, player-driven adventure about road trips, fitting in, standing out, and black eyeliner. In-depth knowledge of 80s goth culture or the cure not required! Characters are pre-generated, but we'll start the game personalising them a little if desired. This game is system-light and is as silly or serious as you want it to be. Setting age as 18+ as may contain mildly adult themes and comedy violence depending on player direction, but I'd expect them to be in the vein of 80s films (mild drinking, clumsy/awkward romance,etc..).


* The newcomer
* The artist
* The delinquent
* The DJ
* The ubergoth
* The brat

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