Model Protectorates

Frank Pitt

Set in occupied Denmark in 1943, this game explores what happens to one family when the eldest daughter brings home a member of the Resistance.

The game is designed to run for 4.5 hours, but this includes almost an hour's worth of pre-game work-shopping and after game debriefing, and a single scene that is listed as running for 85 minutes, which I feel is excessive, so will be cutting parts of these from the game schedule. Even so, it seems likely the game may over-run the 3 hours given in the schedule, which is why I have marked only rounds five & six as to run this in, as I'm playing in rounds 1 & 2 and will be in the main LARP so can't afford to run over in round 3. Also none of us wants a serious game that may overrun in the last round on Sunday. Note the game can be played with four players, but not with less, and it is also possible to add a sixth character by giving the GMs character to a player. Neither are optimal but am letting you know the options
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