Exalted: Worldfalls

Tim Oliver

The youth of the Great Houses of the Realm can be so much trouble - the simplest thing to do is to send the annoying brats off to run some embassy or satrapy far, far away where they can't get into any trouble. Well, they can get into trouble, but at least they won't start a civil war or damage the fabric of reality. Or if they do, they're thousands of miles off, deep in the barbarian lands, and they won't interfere with your tea.

Exalted quickstart

Exalted: Daughter of Nexus

Alistair Boyd-Bell

Nexus: jewel of the Scavenger Lands. Though precious, it is a jewel is stuck in the earth, covered in dirt and eroded from the worms and the other vermin who live in the mud. Every time someone tries to dig the jewel up and wash off the mud, they usually find out the vermin have teeth. Nexus has too many stakeholders and schemers who don’t want their muck exposed. From Guildsmen to Anathema, Nexus is a safe bet to find a scheming source of trouble or a hidden Exalted hero. Even the gods of Nexus aren’t above the petty personal power plays.

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