Dungeon World

Nick Adams

Dungeon World (powered by the Apocalypse) is a game of typical fantasy adventuring tropes, filled with stereotypes, monsters, swords, sorcery, and likely epic failure. It takes the best of games like D&D and shrinks the complexity down while enhancing the inter-group dynamics. It's an easy to learn, pick-up game - ideal for people more interested in a relaxed session of gaming.

For this game, players will use class templates to generate their dynamic band of hearty adventurers setting out for glory/rewards/boredom. Rather than run through a pre-generated adventure, players will construct the adventure spontaneously at the beginning, and then develop the plot as the game goes on. Use of skills will let the players themselves introduce information and plot twists, rather than having their fate pre-determined.

This game is being run as surge protection, and offers a more casual (but yet still epic) gaming experience.

Dungeon World
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