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The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Münchhausen and Companions

Thomas Borrmann

The year was 1683; the Ottoman empire began its legendary siege of vienna. You all know of how I, Baron Münchhausen, broke the siege single handedly, but what I have never told you about before was that I came to the realisation that all the cannons and muskets would be useless in light of the might of the Pasha Kara Mustafa and his army. After conferring with my friend the king of the sun the solution was obvious: Effective communication between the allies would more than offset the Ottoman gunpowder and weaponry. And so by forging an alliance with the nanognomes I managed to create the internet - a net of the most filigreed nature, where the nanognomes relay messages by arranging electrons in pleasing patterns, which happen to resemble words in our language, Latin.

The net of electronics is still active today and due to my legendary longevity I am able to provide the pleasing patterns for your reading pleasure and invite you to a game of telling stories. You each take turns in telling your stories, which can be interwoven and include periods and settings of your choosing but beware to not overstretch the truth as your fellow players can challenge you on it and demand proof. I shall provide assistance with cues and mediation where necessary. While this pursuit of tales lends itself to an evening of drinking and smoking, in light of the presence of fairer folk and potentially minors I ask you to limit yourself to coffeine, theine and sugar.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron...
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