Space Western

The Sparks Nevada Thrilling Adventure Game! - The Sheriff of NeoMesa

Paul Wilson

Narrator: Kids, shine your astro spurs and don your robot fists! ‘Cause it’s time for our first feature: “Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars!”
Justice rides a rocket steed across the crimson plains of the fourth planet. Where one man brings fear to robots and aliens, and hope to the humans who yearn to make this frontier planet their home. He is: Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.
Sparks: I’m… from Earth.
Narrator: With his stalwart Martian companion by his side -
Croach: I… am from G’loot Praktaw.
Sparks: …Which is Mars.
Croach: Which you designate Mars.
Sparks: Just call it Mars.
Croach: You call it Mars!
Sparks: [whining] Just call Mars.
Narrator: Sparks Nevada rights the outlaw wrongs on Mars!
Todays Thrilling adventure : The Sherriff of NeoMesa

A game in the style of Thrilling Adventure Hour's Space western Sparks Nevada Marshall on Mars.
a light hearted comedic adventure on the plains of the red planet.

Modified Fate System
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