The Llama

Michael Foster

A child, a cop, a chauffeur and a mall Santa stand together on a road in a forest in what could be the opening of a truly terrible joke. They might not want to, but they're going to have to work together to find out what brought them together, because they've only got one body between them to work with.

CW: Child death


Don't Mind the Donkey

Mike Foster

Welcome to Gately Comprehensive, a secondary school where no two days are the same. It could be anything, from the swimming pool being filled with jelly, a stampede of zebra through the gymnasium, right up to an alien invasion.
As the put upon teaching staff it's your job to take care of these problems, while ensuring you still cover all your classes, keep up with the marking and avoiding being volunteered for any extra-curricular activities. And all sorted in time for a pint down the pub after school, of course.

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