Age of Rebellion

Operation: Shell Game

Conan McKegg

It is a time of civil war.
Throughout the galaxy, the outmanned REBEL ALLIANCE battles the GALACTIC EMPIRE. The Rebels have scored their first victory, destroying the DEATH STAR. Despite recent upheaval, the Galactic Civil War does not dominate the galaxy.

The REBEL ALLIANCE has discovered a plan by the Imperial Navy to test a new prototype starship, one that could decimate the Rebel Fleet. Unable to allow the weapon to remain in the hands of the EMPIRE, the Alliance deploys a team of operatives in an attempt to capture the prototype before it can be used against them.

Operation: Shell Game is an introductory adventure to Fantasy Flight Games second Star Wars RPG - Age of Rebellion. Where Edge of the Empire focuses on the scoundrels and explorers who keep out of the Empire's affairs, Age of Rebellion places players directly in the role of operatives of the Rebel Alliance.

Familiarity with Star Wars will be an advantage, but no system knowledge is required.

Age of Rebellion
If there is enough demand for Escape from Mos Shuuta, I am willing to swap this out for a second session of that game.
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