bounty hunters

Shadows of a Black Sun

Luke Walker

This is a scenario for Edge of the Empire, an RPG focussing on the scoundrel and scum of the Star Wars universe. It sees a ragtag band of smugglers, slicers, outlaws and exiles struggling to overcome their ever-deepening obligations to shadows of the underworld.

Shadows of a Black Sun is based on the 2013 Free RPG Day scenario of the same name and is especially suitable for new RPGers, Star Wars fans, people interested in Edge of the Empire and those who prefer to shoot first.

Edge of the Empire
For printing the blurb, the text of the opening crawl is: SHADOWS OF A BLACK SUN It is a dark time for the galaxy. The city of Coruscant, once the glittering pearl of the Republic, now languishes under the shadow of the Galactic Empire.  A bustling black market flourishes in the underworld, controlled by the notorious crime syndicate BLACK SUN. The PYKE crime family has hired a group of enterprising individuals to bring down the bounty hunter KAA'TO for his betrayal. As they work rapidly to access the heavily encrypted Black Sun network to retrieve vital data, things take a turn for the worse....
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