Hussade, or The Pot

Bruno Knewstubb

Quandos Vorn must Die!

A game of vengeance sought sought between the stars, with peculiar cultures and wry humor inspired by the novels of Jack Vance:

Driven heroes will work against a sinister conspiracy as they close upon their goal: the destruction of their nemesis Quandos Vorn!
Vorn's name is feared throughout the Alastor cluster, but the vengeance-seekers each nurture a personal dream of cutting him down. Drawn together by chance or design, they may finally achieve their goal!
They know that his agent is present at the hussade field, but what is his game? How will the agent lead them to Vorn? And what if Quandos Vorn himself has come to watch his handiwork, but should pass unrecognised? It must not be so!

NB This game uses the DERPG Tagline system: players will be rewarded when they integrate specific witty comments into their banter.

GUMSHOE + Skullduggery

Incident at Talos

Marcus Bone

Talos IV, the most advanced space station in this region of the Bleed, faces destruction.

Karia Darsell, intergalactic terrorist and unstoppable assassin has posted a warning - Talos IV and everyone onboard will be destroyed unless her demands are met in the next 24 hours. The problem is no one knows exactly what those demands are...

So it is up to our Heroes, the Lazers (the region's freelance police), to not only stop this terrorist threat, but also find out who or where Karia is hiding, and what has made her so angry.

This adventure is a science fiction game using the Ashen Stars (GUMSHOE) system. Combining action and investigation it is set-up as a race against time, in which the character's actions will determine whether or not the space station is saved and just who might survive. It would best suit players wanting a challenging investigative (GUMSHOE at its heart is a investigation game) roleplaying experience where they will have to make hard choices and difficult decisions.

Ashen Stars (GUMSHOE)

Operation Thundering Faith

Marcus Bone

Mr Verity requires your attendance...

And so it begins again, another mission for the Ordo Veritatis (a secret organisation dedicated to the protection of humanity and the destruction of Outer Dark Entities). In this operation the characters find themselves called into investigate the apparent suicide of a high school student, who has seemingly, almost overnight, developed a vestigial twin.

Facing a hostile town, reluctant witnesses and a hidden evil, the operatives are in a race against time to prevent the permanent destruction of the membrane that protects reality from the horrors of beyond.

The Esoterrorist (2nd Edition) is a modern day conspiracy horror game using the GUMSHOE system. This adventure is one of investigation, discovery and drama, and would best suit players looking for a hard hitting, plot driven, game session (i.e. more SVU/Criminal Intent than Action/Adventure). Please note that this plot includes some adult themes, although the depth to which these are explored will be left up to the players to decide during play.

The Esoterrorists 2nd Edition
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