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Star Trek Adventures : Signals


A month ago, Starfleet picked up an unusual alien signal emanating from the Seku system, deep inside the Carina Nebula within the Shackleton Expanse. The runabout Susquehanna was initially dispatched to investigate, but the crew failed to report and is presumed lost. Starfleet has asked the USS Venture to investigate the source of the signal and locate the missing runabout.


This game is using Modiphius' 2d20 system, tuned specifically for a Star Trek feel. The setting era is 2371, so towards the end of the TNG, middle of DS9. System knowledge isn't needed as it's pretty straight forward. The session is based on a living campaign session developed by Modiphius.

Star Trek Adventures (2d20)

Conan Trek

Dillon Burke

The Ocean,
The Final Frontier,
These are the Voyages of the trireme Argo
Its five year mission,
To explore strange new islands,
To find new peoples and civilizations,
To boldly go where no citizen has gone before!

Join Captain Conan, his crew of skilled advisers and red cloaks, in a mash up of pulp sword & sorcery and the original Star Trek TV show.

Conan 2d20

Artemis Spaceship Simulator


Welcome to the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator.
This is a real-time, same-room, multi-player computer simulation of a spaceship bridge, reminiscent of Star Trek. Each player will take on one of the Bridge Officer roles: Helm, Weapon's Control, Comms, Engineering, Science, and Captain.
Each player will have a computer console, with the controls for their station - except the Captain who must rely on his crew and the main screen. All players will need to actively work together to succeed at your mission, and boldly go where no KapCon game has gone before.

This is role-play light. There are some scripted missions, with bad voice-acting and terrible plots. What role-playing you will get is mostly what you and your team bring to the table - the Artemis cares not how well you can role-play your station, only if your team can succeed or not.

LAN-style Computer Game
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