The Wishing Well

Andy Millar

In a secluded spot that is easily overlooked near to the highway between Salamonis and Chalice, lies an ancient well in which nobles and princes from long ago once came to cast their gold and make their wishes. With the passing of time, its location was lost and the wishing well fell into legend.

Many years later, a young boy exploring the woods near his home stumbled across the crumbling structure and saw something gold glinting in the bottom of the dried up well floor. News of the well's discovery quickly spread and adventures from across Allansia descended down into its blackness seeking their fortune. None have ever been heard from since.

Now another group stands at the entrance of the well ready to discover the fate of these adventurers and the secrets of the wishing well.

The Advanced Fighting Fantasy roleplaying game is back with a second edition. So grab two D6, a sharpened pencil and a potion of stamina (fresh coffee) to join the fun on Sunday morning. The perfect hangover cure.

Advanced Fighting Fantasy Second Edition
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