The Slayer Chronicles II: The Problem with Plague

Sophie M

Hong Kong. 1894. Plague is ravaging the city and thousands are dying every day. As an important colony for the British Empire the colonial government is doing all it can to control the problem. But the problem isn’t medical. It’s occult. No matter how much the doctors try to stop the spread their cures don’t work. Not like they should.

Monster of the Week

Slayage by Gaslight


Due to popular demand I'm re-running Slayage by Gaslight!

On the streets of London the gaslight burns, but in the darkened corners something evil lurks. The number of dead ladies of the night continues to climb. Can the Council’s Slayer get to the bottom of what’s behind it, before the next dead body is someone you know?

Buffy (cinematic Unisystem)

Soooo Not Our Future

Daniel Steadman

The world has changed since the end of season 7. The Slayers have gotten all organisey and missiony but there are a few newly awoken slayers that aren't part of the plan. They still live with their folks, struggle with math and try to get by at school. One such slayer is trying to avoid flunking school and do their bit to keep the world safe, now if only they hadn't been grounded for smoking...

Yes I'm running it again, with some twists....

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Unisystem
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