Kapcon Summer Slam III


Take the role of an amazing hero or a despicable villain in a fast-paced, winner-takes-all, pro wrestling competition.

This game is about getting to the action quickly and building your wrestler’s story through a mix of matches and backstage drama. Character creation is simple; wrestlers are built from basic elements which you can create yourself, or roll randomly using the Legend Machine.

In a single session (or Big Show), you’ll build your character’s acclaim as you compete in matches, form alliances with other wrestlers and grab the mic to call others out. You can cash in your acclaim to generate extra effort in a match, book special matches and claim titles to seize glory!

This game is about characters and stories. You need absolutely no knowledge of professional wrestling to play this game, just as much enthusiasm, creativity and energy as you can muster. Still not sure? Check this short explanation of why pro wrestling is an art form.

Across Kapcon weekend this game will be run several times to create a Big Series, which will culminate in an epic Battle Royale finale. You can play in one session, or play in as many as you enjoy - but anyone who plays in more than one session can upgrade their character between shows - or choose to bring an entirely new character to the table next time.

This game will be high-energy and (possibly) get a little loud when things get exciting. You'll need to be prepared to think on your feet, create a character at the table, describe outcomes and throw in suggestions for plot twists at short notice.

Is it true that Kapcon previously tried to ban this game for being too much fun packed into just one session? Check out the previous instalments and judge for yourself:
Summer Slam I
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Soaring Lions

Kapcon Summer-Slam II


Bob: “It looks like the enigmatic Kapcon henchman known as IdiotSavant has laid down the challenge to bring the best, the biggest, and the most intense offering on the planet. Now the countdown to Kapcon Summer-Slam II begins…”

J.T.: “How can Kapcon’s insurers possibly allow a second Summer-Slam after the complete debacle at the inaugural Summer-Slam last year, and the non-Morningstar fiasco in the lead up to Day of Games?”

Bob: “It’s what the people want J.T. After a twelve month absence we’re all craving a wrestling event so intense that you’ll feel the splash of sweat and man-tan right there in your living room.”

J.T.: “But what about rumours that Day of Games General manager Slammin’ Sophie Melchior will stop at nothing to sabotage an event by a rival franchise.”

Bob: “There are so many rumours floating around about this event that it’s hard to know what to believe, but I doubt Melchior will stir from her gold-plated Jacuzzi. There’s no way wrestlers from a rival franchise would dare to disrupt proceedings…”

J.T.: “What about a resurgence of fan-favourite El Diablo and the pan-Hispanic/Pirate alliance?”

Bob: “It’s an open invitation so anything’s possible - but one thing’s for sure, this will be the event of the century. Wrestlers will gather from all parts for a shot at the title. There’s a tidal wave of awesome about to engulf the capital…”

Piledrivers and Powerbombs – Chokeslam of Darkness Edition is a wrestling game where you generate wrestlers, their gimmicks, signature moves and their arch-nemesis and then enter the competition to become the Kapcon Summer Slam II World Champion.

This will be a high-energy, high-volume game at the end of Kapcon and asks players to think on their feet, create characters, narrate outcomes and help frame scenes at short notice. It's a great chance to blow out the cobwebs and end the 'con on a high.

Bring IT to the Ring.

Piledrivers & Powerbombs

Kapcon Summer-Slam


BOB: “After the absolute mayhem and carnage of the Day of Games World Championship Bout I find it hard to believe that the organisers of the Kapcon Federation would condone another free-for-all wrestling championship..."

J.T.: “It defies belief Bob, didn't mysterious D.O.G. General Manager Slammin’ Sophie Melchior swear that any rival organisation would suffer the wrath of her League of Infamy?"

BOB: "She sure did, I just hope those Kapcon folks know what they're letting themselves in for. The innagueral Kapcon Summer-Slam mega event is certain to attract a fresh batch of mean, smack-talking wrestlers with crazy gimmicks and moves like you’ve never seen before, all eager to beat down the opposition and form syndicates capable of pulling off an amazing victory…”

J.T.: "I mean this is going to be the pay-per-view event of the century, I just hope that the venue has some ironclad insurance because I think more than just ego's are going to be smashed inside the ring of glory"

BOB: "It's an electrifying prospect J.T., I can't wait!"

Piledrivers and Powerbombs – Chokeslam of Darkness Edition is a wrestling game where you generate wrestlers, their gimmicks, signature moves and their arch-nemesis and then enter the competition to become the innaugeral Kapcon Summer Slam World Champion.

Piledrivers and Powerbombs
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