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A Romantic Mystery (Hot Guys Making Out)


Consider Gonsalvo Hidalgo, one amidst the countless children orphaned by the Fascists during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). And yet, at the age of 16, he is whisked away from his orphanage in the middle of the night by a taciturn man in a fine suit, driven by motorcar to a remote mountain village in the Pyrenees.

The car races through the dark mountain roads, pelted by rain and gravel, until it finally arrives at a noble house, well-kept but ancient. In front of the house stands a beautiful man, his eyes distant, his mouth frowning slightly as he looks over the scene. Next to him, a maid holds an umbrella to keep the rain off of his long, flowing hair.

The driver opens Gonsalvo’s door. Somehow, at that moment, the boy knows that he has arrived at his new home. How does he feel? Does he dare to speak his mind? Who is this gorgeous mystery man, and what connection does he have to Gonsalvo and his family?

To find out, you must play the game ...

Hot Guys Making Out
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