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Doctor Who: FIFTY

Morgan Davie

Fifty years of Doctor Who! Here's a game to mark the occasion.

The Chatfields were an ordinary enough family, until 1963. Then things went a bit strange. And they kept on getting stranger. Over the ensuing decades they would keep crossing paths with a very interesting man indeed. He was called the Doctor, and he would change their lives forever...

This is an 11th Doctor adventure, so you'll be playing the Matt Smith incarnation and companions from his run.

It is also the Moffatiest adventure I could come up with. It will probably work best with people who've watched some recent Doctor Who and have enthusiasm for timey wimeyness. Obviously. But there'll be plenty of nods to the history of the show - classic Who geeks might enjoy the references, but you don't need to know anything about them to get along.

Anyway. This will probably be a bit unpredictable and might not work. It would be good if players came ready to set scenes and do some narrative stuff. Oh, and I have no idea how to end it, but that's just another Moffaty feature, innit.

Doctor Who: Adventures in Time & Space

The Rosetta Plague

Luke Walker

“The TAS Thoth! Sounds like a musical, looks like a music hall! I thank you!” The Doctor throws the TARDIS doors open and leads you out onto a wide open, brightly lit hall inside the Archive ship. A symbol, a ‘T' made of hexagonal cells, is engraved on the wall.

"Torchwood. They're doing good work in this time period, to be fair. Lots of archiving, lots of research. None of that imperialist, if it's alien it's ours, nonsense from the 21st Century.” He breathes in, looks up and smiles. “No, here, all they're concerned with is the endless, complex tapestry of hist-Oh.”

Running towards you, arms waving, teeth bared, are a variety of aliens. Each one looks furious, each one is brandishing a weapon and each one is screaming one word over and over again.


Play the Doctor, Rose, Captain Jack and the gang through an adventure in time and space.

This game will be run on Saturday night, during the larp, for non-larpers. Please contact the facilitator if you want to play in it.

Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space
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