Full Moon Soup

Dylan Tiller

There is a cosy little hotel that sits along the river Elium called The Victorian. This hotel was built in the early 1800s and has been run by the same family, generation after generation. The family themselves own several hotels across Britain, and this is the only one with issues. Over the years the interior has been renovated and updated to match the modern world, while the exterior has stayed the same. However, once every three months the police receive a rather odd call from the hotel. Units are dispatched, only to return the next day with no recollection of what actually happened. Reports come in of massive destruction to the property, but there are no signs of damage the following day. The current owner, Mr. Francis M. Stewart, has requested our services in finding out what is going on at the hotel. You will pose as guests and infiltrate the hotel. Money has been paid upfront, with a bonus $100,000 each if you put an end to these mysterious occurrences. The last incident happened almost 3 months ago. Good Luck.

Monster of the Week

The Sparks Nevada Thrilling Adventure Game! - The Sheriff of NeoMesa

Paul Wilson

Narrator: Kids, shine your astro spurs and don your robot fists! ‘Cause it’s time for our first feature: “Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars!”
Justice rides a rocket steed across the crimson plains of the fourth planet. Where one man brings fear to robots and aliens, and hope to the humans who yearn to make this frontier planet their home. He is: Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.
Sparks: I’m… from Earth.
Narrator: With his stalwart Martian companion by his side -
Croach: I… am from G’loot Praktaw.
Sparks: …Which is Mars.
Croach: Which you designate Mars.
Sparks: Just call it Mars.
Croach: You call it Mars!
Sparks: [whining] Just call Mars.
Narrator: Sparks Nevada rights the outlaw wrongs on Mars!
Todays Thrilling adventure : The Sherriff of NeoMesa

A game in the style of Thrilling Adventure Hour's Space western Sparks Nevada Marshall on Mars.
a light hearted comedic adventure on the plains of the red planet.

Modified Fate System

In a Tavern...

Conan McKegg


A group of strangers meet in a tavern, weary from their travels.

But no sooner than they meet than a stranger leads them on a mysterious journey they did not expect.

No. Wait. That's not it.

Before they can drink, a vicious murder and a motley crew of suspects will ensure that there is no sleep tonight.

Heard that one before?

As the cooked meats are brought to the table, a mysterious package is delivered by courier that may or may not spell doom or salvation for the city.

In a Tavern is a D&D game with a twist. Based on the choices the players make when they meet up, the game will spin off into a variety of different adventures. But it all begins in the same place...

Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition

Anima: Disciples of the Dragon Prince



The Church of Abel teaches that the old legends and myths aren't true. There is no magic. Dragons do not exist.

But you are one of the few in the world of Gaia who knows better. There is magic in the world of Gaia and always has been. You may be a warrior whose skill in battle is so expert it verges on the supernatural. Or a Summoner, who has always had an affinity with beings that should not exist. Maybe a Martial Artist who has been able to tap into her own inner Ki to be able to perform acts of incredible physical prowess. Or A Psychic able to tap into other's minds.

Whoever you are, Omens have drawn you to Archangel, the capital city of Abel. Seat of the Church and home of the Empress. Beneath the zepplins, the elaborate spires of the city and the cobbled streets you know something ancient is stirring. Millennia old secret societies are moving their pieces in place and an ancient cult is gathering.

Anima is a high fantasy adventure game with a mix of magic, technology and pulp action.

Dare you face the Disciples of the Dragon Prince?


Dungeon World

James Plunket

The land of DUNGEON WORLD is a dangerous place, steeped in mysterious magic and beset by fiendish monsters, but within its crumbling ruins lie vast riches and ancient treasures for those hardy souls willing to brave their dangers. Sharpen your sword and prepare your spells, for adventure awaits!

Dungeon World

Operation: Shell Game

Conan McKegg

It is a time of civil war.
Throughout the galaxy, the outmanned REBEL ALLIANCE battles the GALACTIC EMPIRE. The Rebels have scored their first victory, destroying the DEATH STAR. Despite recent upheaval, the Galactic Civil War does not dominate the galaxy.

The REBEL ALLIANCE has discovered a plan by the Imperial Navy to test a new prototype starship, one that could decimate the Rebel Fleet. Unable to allow the weapon to remain in the hands of the EMPIRE, the Alliance deploys a team of operatives in an attempt to capture the prototype before it can be used against them.

Operation: Shell Game is an introductory adventure to Fantasy Flight Games second Star Wars RPG - Age of Rebellion. Where Edge of the Empire focuses on the scoundrels and explorers who keep out of the Empire's affairs, Age of Rebellion places players directly in the role of operatives of the Rebel Alliance.

Familiarity with Star Wars will be an advantage, but no system knowledge is required.

Age of Rebellion

Mouse Guard -- By the Book

Rohan Smith

In the world of Mouse Guard, mice struggle to live safely and prosper amongst harsh conditions and a host of predators. Thus the Mouse Guard was formed: more than just soldiers, they are guides for common mice looking to journey without confrontation from one village to another. They see to their duty with fearless dedication so that they may not simply exist, but truly live.

Play one of the adventure of the Mouse Guard. I have a selection of Missions based on the original Mouse Guard Comics. You will play one of the heroes of the Mouse Guard as you defend Lockhaven and all mousekind from a variety of threats.

Mouse Guard

Love of Money


In the world of The Esoterrorists, a cabal of high-placed sorcerers weakens the membrane between this world and the dreaded Outer Dark by launching operations employing media saturation to subvert the populace’s collective sense of reality. The heroes, the dedicated men and women of the Ordo Veritatis, confront and defeat these plans. These are their stories… [CHA-CHUNK]

Six months ago, Ordo Veritatis agent John Sheldon went off the organisations radar following an emotional breakdown in the wake of loosing his wife in a car crash. He held is sister, fellow Ordo Veritatis agent Caroline Sheldon responsible for her death as she was drunk at the wheel that night. Psychiatric Metrics feared John went out to perform a solo mission to expose the heart of an Esoterrorist funding network he had uncovered in Amsterdam. The proposal for that mission had been shelved months ago due to its low probability of success.

When his body turns up in Amsterdam, evidently the sacrifice in an Esoterrorist ritual, the eye of suspicion turns on the rest of his team he left behind. Are they guilty by mere association, or are they innocent of his fate? They are given a chance to find out what happened to their friend and colleague, and in the process clear them from any suspicion in the eyes of the Ordo Veritatis.

The Love of Money was written by Matthew Sanderson

Esoterrorists (GUMSHOE)

The Salt Bond

Alasdair Sinclair

From the Great Sea to the Genie's Anvil to the Crowded Sea, all Zhakhara observes the Law of the Loregiver, including the Salt Bond of guest friendship. For three days as a guest you are privileged and protected, welcome in the home and bound by courtesy to your host. For three days, you are guests of the court in Ajayib, City of Wonders.

On the fourth day, on the Sultan's wedding day, you will be put to death for attempting to assassinate her... Unless you can unravel the intrigues of Holy Slayers, Viziers, and the mighty Djinni first, saving the princess, the court, and the day as well as your own lives.

This is a classic adventure story of true love, honour, Djinni, heroes and sorcery set in the burning world of Al Qadim.

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