Conspiracy Cruise

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Are the Illuminati out to get you? Do you believe the world actually ended in 2012? Have you alienated family and friends with your insistence that the Earth is flat, hollow, and/or filled with lizard people? Do you have an unhealthy obsession with the tiny aliens that live in your intestines? Most importantly, do you know some secret truth that the government is covering up, and the rest of the world is too blind to see?

Then the inaugural Daisy Pot Cruise Company conspiracy theorists’ cruise is for you.

On board the good ship Daisy Pot, you can share your theories with dozens of potential converts to your own particular brand of weirdness; you can catch up with old friends, lovers, and archenemies; and if you’re lucky, you might have a shot at taking down one of the multiple shadowy forces secretly controlling the world.

Conspiracy Cruise is a theatreform LARP for 50-60 players by Lee Patrick, Sally Hayes, and Jennifer Hay. It features mostly comedy plotlines with some romantic and dramatic elements. Every character is a believer in some sort of conspiracy theory (some of which may turn out to be true). A signup form is here.