The Gorgon's Tears

Luke Walker

Gateway, a thriving port city of canals and commercial ventures, has of late been rocked with riots and uprisings after word of the emperor’s death spread. Many members of the city’s elite stand to gain much from the unrest and have lent aid to the agitators and rabble-rousers. This chaos shrouds the whispers that dark powers hidden in the city are on the move. Will the descendants of the men of Gog rise again?

Shadow of the Demon Lord is a dark fantasy RPG of horror and madness by Rob Schwalb, a designer on WFRP2e, D&D5e, A Song of Ice and Fire RPG and the Black Company RPG. Fans of Joe Abercrombie's First Law series will especially enjoy this scenario. The characters are a band of hard-bitten troubleshooters, living in a world darkened by the Demon Lord, risking corruption, madness, and death. Crimes will be solved, depravity faced, and nightmares overcome.

Shadow of the Demon Lord
Number of Players: 
Dark Fantasy