Kapcon flagship expectations

Every year since 2001 Kapcon has run a flagship larp. For the past decade or more we've decided on this game through a public process, soliciting suggestions for themes and through our NZRaG forum in the hope that some writers will be inspired. We then select whichever team comes forward with a pitch (in the unlikely even that two teams approach us, we'd have to select just one of them, and point the other one at our multi-headed friends Hydra and Chimera).

Our expectations for the flagship larp are that it be a a mass-market flagship game. Which means:

  • 3 hours long (we have an 8:30pm starttime and a strict exit time of midnight, so the game must be over by 11:30pm). This is non-negotiable, a constraint set by the school and the con format.
  • 50 - 60 players (based on 2016-17 attendance)
  • supports a roughly equal gender ratio (give or take Wellington skew) with good plots for players of either gender (NOTE: this rules out games which require half of our participants to crossplay)
  • fits in the game spaces we have at WHS (you can use 2 floors and the associated corridors, max; most games fit on a single floor)
  • appeals to a broad audience, including some 13-16 year olds (so the themes must be chosen appropriately).

The LARP is run on behalf of the Kapcon organisation. As a result, it must be open to all Kapcon participants who wish
to be included, within the constraint of the game size. GMs cannot exclude players due to personal objections.

A flagship-scale game is a lot of work, too much to be done by a single person. We therefore expect a team, preferably including at least one experienced larp writer. Most flagship teams have been three or four people. You will spend six months writing this thing, so its a good idea to pick people you get along with.

In terms of timelines, the flagship team must have a blurb and be ready to open for signups by mid-October. We expect the game to be cast a month before the con, which means before christmas. Character sheets should go out a week or two before play, in early January, and hardcopy character packs should be provided at the con. The game area will need to be set up on the Friday before the con, and may have players wandering through it on the Saturday. If required, we may be able to lock specific rooms containing props and sets to prevent spoilers, but our ability to do so is constrained by the needs of other games (basically, we need those spaces for tabletops).

For resources, the flagship has a budget of $500 to cover snacks, set-dressing, and printing. There are people in the community who can help you with set-dressing and construction, and we can help herd volunteers for setup. Packdown has to be done on the Sunday, and its normal to have some volunteers start the packup during rounds five or six. Everything must be removed by the end of round 7, at 9pm.