Fragrant Harbour Character List

Character Player Description
Aged Plum Cameron Burns - An ancient apothecary interested in immortality and recreational substances.
Apricot Fairy Hannah McKie - A female spirit on a Mission from the Gods.
Auspicious Goat Mel - A travelling monk and teacher.
Autumn Wind Jon Ball - A monk of fierce and passionate spirit.
Black Hill Helen Cropp - A merchant.
Black Jade Sarah Daymond - A young woman of poor health and family.
Captain Lionel Wafer Frankie Mundens - A Welsh ship captain.
Careful Ink Svend Andersen - A young man and scholar.
Cinnabar Naomi Guyer - A young novice.
Constable Agampreet Khatra James - A Sikh policeman in the English Governor's entourage.
Constable Straight Alder - A Chinese policeman in the English Governor's entourage.
Dawn Dragon Ben Wylie-van Eerd - Leader of a band of young criminals and ne'er-do-wells.
Double Knife Lee Juliet - A young criminal.
Duckweed Chantelle - The bouncer at the Opium Den.
Eastern Sea - Second son of the Jia family.
Filial Thoughts Morgan Davie - Eldest son of the Jia family.
Flourishing Vine Nick Wolf - A faithful bodyguard.
Forest Breeze Nick Cole - A poetical soul.
Forest Storm Karen - An environmental activist.
Fragrant Snow Linda - A spiritual policeman.
Fruitful Earth Cat Pegg - A proud seller of cabbages - father of Jade Root. (NPC)
Glorious Phoenix Brooklynne Kennedy - Wife of the eldest son of the Jia family.
Gold Ornament Rose Nichols - A young cousin of the Jia family.
Golden Cicada Girl Daphne Cohen - Beloved daughter of Silver Mountain the Bandit King
Golden Sea Chris - A highly respectable merchant (okay!), and father of Precious Zither.
Herr Gerhard von Schleswig-Drakenstein Nick Adams - A wealthy trader in porcelain from Germany.
Hidden Pearl Thomas J - A monk.
Horse Face Viveka Nylund - An official and pusher of paper in Hell.
Indigo Breeze Glenn Bellam - A young man with a loving heart, fallen into shady company.
Indigo Cloud Matthew Harward - Son of a merchant family.
Jade King Jessica Smith - A young criminal.
Jade Ornament Winter - Pampered grandson of the Jia family.
Jade Root Sam Stott - An aspiring martial artist.
Jasmine Blossom Bex - A novice given to meditation and feats of derring-do. Sister of Jasmine Rice.
Jasmine Rice Vanya - A novice - well-meaning but clumsy. Brother of Jasmine Blossom.
Lightning Russ Kale - A monk of the Mao Shan monastery, nephew of Aged Plum.
Longevity Mountain Ants - A male spirit on a Mission from the Gods.
Madam Morning Glory Donna Giltrap - A respectable matron, wife of Master Rock Cliff.
Madam Patricia Ja Lee Sophie Melchior - The owner of a fine opium den. She's also been known to sell... tea.
Master Peach Norman Cates - The venerable abbot of the Dragon Tang monastery.
Master Plum Grove Paul Wilson - The venerable abbot of the Mao Shan monastery.
Master Rock Cliff Rob Shaw - A formidable Chinese gentleman, husband to Morning Glory.
Miss Eliza Montgomery Freya Sacksen - The English governor's sister.
Miss Amelia Maxfield Jenni - A European lady with a loving but troubled heart.
Miss Bianca Chan Claire Ahuriri - A young half-caste orphan.
Mr Humphry Appleby Idiot Savant - An English trader in opium.
Mr Isaac Pratt Bryn Jones - A young European gentleman with delicate and refined sensibilities.
Mr James Moran Adrian Drax - Mr Appleby's reliable assistant.
Mr Robert Yang Daniel Steadman - A merchant.
Mr William Montgomery Jan-Yves Ruzicka - The English governor.
Mrs Henrietta Whitlock Tanya Nendick - An English trader in silk.
Mrs Mary Edwards Daena Dixon - A missionary from England.
Mulberry Leaf Angus - Trusted lieutenant to Silver Mountain.
Old White Ruth Harper - A citizen of the city of Hong Kong.
Ox Head Sean - An official and pusher of paper in Hell.
Pine Lake Nick 'I'm a Badass' Pitt - A wandering hero of the people.
Precious Zither Steph Cybart - A young girl who is looking forward to finding a husband.
Rain Alistair N - A monk of the Dragon Tang monastery.
Red Bean Alexander Rodgers - A young criminal, lieutenant to Dawn Dragon's gang.
Red Brocade Teresa - A marriage broker.
Red Courtyard Patrick Cummuskey - A respectable trader of beans, baubles, and other bits and bobs.
Red Vessel Will H from Chch - Second Lieutenant to Silver Mountain the Bandit King.
Responding Dragon Tigger - A meteorologist and weather worker.
Reverend James Edwards Sam Thomas - A missionary from England.
Scented Hairpin Sam Walker - Honoured wife of Silver Mountain and mother of Golden Cicada Girl.
Scented Magnolia Nasia Alevizos - A wandering hero of the people.
Sergeant Hurt - A European with dust on his feet.
Shining Path - The respectable wife of Golden Sea.
Signor Eduardo Portobianco Muppet - A wealthy Italian trader in tea.
Silver Mountain Scott Kelly - Bandit King.
Summer Fragrance Topaz - Aged matriarch to the Jia family.
Ten Thousand Year Butterfly Nikki - A wandering Daoist.
Thunder Kevin H - A monk of the Dragon Tang monastery.
Water Flower Carla Bayard - A ghost with fine long black hair.
Water Ox Rackle - An inhabitant of Hong Kong harbour.
White Brocade Sarah Lyne - Nanny to the young children of the Jia family.
White Cherry Judit Klein - A wandering spirit.
Wild Goose Erik Andersen - Third son of the Jia family.
Willow Tree - A wandering spirit.
Wind - A monk of the Mao Shan monastery.
Winter Pine Anna Klein - A spiritual policeman.