The Chronicles of Al Shir-Ma - The Desert Tribes

Extracted from The Chronicles of Al Shir-Ma, written approximately 8 years before today:

The legends of the desert tribes are well known; a people who shun the comforts of a city life, for the nomadic existence of the harsh and unforgiving desert. These hardy souls are said to know the secret locations of the wadi and oasis far beyond the main caravan routes, so that they can survive where others would surely perish. They are rarely seen in great numbers in Al Shir-Ma, yet their influence is felt from the sprawling markets to the glittering court.

The Desert Tribes

Amidst the rolling dunes of the great desert surrounding Al Shir-Ma, a number of fierce desert tribes make their homes. The most aggressive and powerful of these are the Zaab and Yahir. These desert warriors are magnificent horsemen and often raid hapless caravans for plunder and profit. While proudly independent, the tribes nevertheless rely on the power and prestige of Al Shir-Ma to attract their prey, and have even been known to venture into the town itself to trade at the great markets from time to time.