The Cigani

The Cigani, descendants of the Romani peoples of Old Earth, have travelled the galaxy living by their wits and ‘acquiring’ what wealth they could find before swiftly moving on to avoid the accusations of theft that seemed to follow them.

After centuries of this nomadic lifestyle, the Elders realised there were few planets left where they hadn’t outstayed their welcome and they petitioned the Union of Planets for a place to settle. A mineral rich gas giant was discovered, orbited by dozens of small moons suitable for colonisation. Soon families settled on the different moons with a gate being built on the largest.

Quickly the Cigani mined the planet and the families profited greatly from the natural resources which could easily be exported through the gate. Times were good and they have not wanted for anything, simply buying all they needed from other worlds.

- Part of an entry from WikiGalactica, about the Cigani people - pre Shutdown