Kapcon 18 Scenario Design Contest - Judge's Comments

This was a great year for the SDC with five entrants submitting 7 scenarios. The games covered a range of genre from futuristic horror to two fisted mystery to camp humour. The quality of the games was universally high and choosing a winning scenario was no easy task.

Aeon Angelus Necronomicon Evolution by Luke
This densely packed Cthulhutech scenario follows the emotional twists and turns of a group of youngsters who are pilots of giant biomechanical robots. Their fight against dark forces who threaten humanity’s very existence is fraught with peril, angst and a tangling web of conspiracy. This beautifully presented scenario could easily be the basis of a campaign game, or a full-on rollercoaster ride of 3 hours. Recommended for GMs who are fans of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rah Xephon and other highly melodramatic Mecha stories.

Lambs of a Nameless God by Luke
Another Cthulhutech scenario, this is a chilling tale of life in the ruins of a post-apocalyptic world, this scenario sees a group of teenagers struggling to survive in a world without adults. Can the characters survive the machinations of monstrous entities, the bleak prospect of life in a shattered wasteland, and the scheming of other survivors? Recommended for GMs who like futuristic survival horror.

Murder Most Mysterious by Donna
A gathering of the greatest detectives of the early twentieth century, in the manor house of an aging aristocrat. Simmering tension between characters who wish to prove once and for all that they are the best detective of the age. What could possibly go wrong? A Cluedo-like mechanic makes this murder mystery a fun romp with some great detective characters. Recommended as an easy pick-up game for GMs wanting to parody some classic detective stories.

Spirit of the Tentacle by Mash
Exciting Pulp Action! Two-Fisted Heroes! A City in Peril! Will a band of heroes be able to avert disaster? This 1920s New York scenario features a stellar cast of heroes plunged into a dastardly web of intrigue that they must overcome in order to save New York. Excellent and detailed PCs and a classic pulp structure make this a great scenario for the pulp fan. Recommended for GMs who love their action bold and their heroes bolder.

The 18:25 to New London by Sophie
A classic mystery on a train, this scenario is set in the near future in a world ravaged by global warming where Victorian values have returned. The players find themselves aboard and increasingly dangerous ride, trying to prove their innocence and avoid danger. Recommended for mystery fans.

The Tale of Robyn Hood and Her Merry Band of Maids by Jenni
A Best Friends scenario that takes the cheesiest 1950s Hollywood image of Robin Hood and tips gender on its head. Robyn and her Merry Maids struggle against the villainous Princess Jenny and Girl of Gisborne, and Fifi the Sheriff of Nottingham. Meanwhile Robyn is in love with Man Martin, the most beautiful man in England. The scenario contains character sheets, NPC lists, and enough story hooks for several sessions of gaming. Recommended for GMs looking for hilarious, player-focussed parody gaming.

To Kill a Lie by Luke
A Cthulhutech spy game where the PCs must tackle a potentially deadly cult. This scenario sees the characters unraveling a mystery that leads to an explosive climax, set against the glittering lives of Hollywood’s elite. Recommended to fans of spy mission games, and the dark underside of Hollywood’s faded lights.

This year’s winner was Lambs of a Nameless God by Luke, with Spirit of the Tentacle a close second. Many of these scenarios will be available online shortly, and they all come highly recommended. It’s great to see the already rich range of SDC entries growing, and I hope these scenarios are read and run by a range of GMs – they are well worth it :-)