You’ve been on some benders in your life, but you’ve never lost two whole days. Everything is real fuzzy. The last thing you do remember is being called in on a job for CogniZance. They didn’t contact you through your fixer, they came direct; pretty unusual. CogniZance Corp are one of the biggest memory traders in the world. They sell other people’s experiences for the ultimate in reality entertainment.

People pay big bucks to experience the memories of celebrities, extreme sports athletes, famous musicians and porn stars. It’s become one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. But of course, like any new enterprise there are unscrupulous individuals who twist it for darker purposes. On the shady side of memory shaping there is Blemish, the memory black-market. You don’t even want to know the kind of memories that they sell on there. That stuff is for sick mother#&kers.

But what were you doing there? You don’t even remember what the job was. And now you’re sitting in a waiting room at CogniZance. Are you waiting to get paid? This doesn’t feel right. Suddenly you hear the buzzing of your ghost link. It’s a comms call from Cody your fixer. What does he want? “Okay, I want you to stay calm, but there’s something you need to know…”

Dystopia 23 is a neck-wrenching, eye-watering journey into the dystopian world of the 23rd century. It brings cyberpunk to life with scenarios of mystery, action and intrigue. This game uses the amazing new Dystopia 23 role-playing system. Check it out here:

Dystopia 23
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Not Needed
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18+ Recommended
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