Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 22nd - 23rd 2022

Shelter Me

Marcus Bone

The date is February 1945, the location Dresden, Germany.

Over the next two nights 13 hundred Allied bombers will drop 4 thousand tons of high-explosives on this "foremost industrial location", the result of which will be a firestorm that takes the lives of 40 thousand innocent civilians. Amongst this mayhem and carnage six young souls will discover that the horrors without are nothing when compared to the terrors that can be found in the shelters below.

Children of the Blitz (Homebrew)



Hades Entertainment acquires the award winning DragonStone™ reality game show

12:30pm PST, Friday, April 17th, 2071

Hades Entertainment, a subsidiary of the Draco Foundation, is pleased to announce the purchase of the former Horizon network, Phox. The Phox network primarily known for its multi-award winning DragonStone™ reality game show, has seen a dramatic fall in popularity in recent years. After spirited negotiations, Hades CEO Conal Mc Cumhaill and Phox President Sergei Kurakin held a Matrix virtual press conference at 11:45am today to announce the transaction.

"This sale positions Hades Entertainment to revitalise the highly successful DragonStone™ show, our expanded DragonStone ™ game will revolutionise reality game shows and attract a new generation of fans and promises to be something special."
Hades CEO Conal Mc Cumhaill

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to redevelop the Phox network’s premier show, DragonStone™ with Hades Entertainment. We look forward to bringing Denver the most technically advanced reality game show in existence.”
Phox President Sergei Kurakin

The Phox President declined to respond to rumours about the shows cancellation prior to the sale to Hades and dismissed suggestions that the public were “tired” of the seemingly endless reality shows produced by his network.

Hades Entertainment has surprised many with the purchase of such a niche company, for an undisclosed eight-figure sum.

>>>Well chummer that's the latest drek from the newest Corp on the block, good luck to them reviving that pile of garbage. BinaryBob<<<
>>>Why not sign up for a show the, chicken shit...ANON38484<<<

DragonStone, the World's longest running reality game show, just got a makeover! All new format and rules with a top prize of 1,000,000 nuyen tax-free. Have you got what it takes to find the DragonStone?

Shadowrun Fourth edition (mostly...)

Games on Demand

Aaron Caskey, Morgan Davie, Steve Hickey, Sophie Melchior, Michael Sands

We'll bring along a selection of awesome games. You come to a session. We'll all pick which games to play and then bring on the fun.

Highlights this year will include:
- Bliss Stage (Mecha made of love versus aliens made of dreams)
- FreeMarket (Future hijinks in a post-scarcity, reputation-based economy)
- Bad Family (Animated sit-com roleplaying about a semi-normal family having a very bad day)
- Derby of the Damned
- 3:16 (Killing lots of aliens! but no Gregor this year)
- In A Wicked Age (swords & sorcery)
- Mouse Guard (brave mice versus the world)
- Sea Dracula (dancing animal lawyer drama! objection!)


A Grave Affair

Michael Foster

Everyone thought Vince would live forever. Seems they were wrong, because Vince is dead. Of course, knowing Vince it could be another one of his pranks and he's going to jump out of the coffin with a drink in his hand, laughing his head off. But perhaps this time Vince hasn't been able to cheat death, he finally chanced it one too many times. Anyway, here you are, at the funeral. Lot of unfamiliar faces along with with the people you do know, but Vince always did move in lots of circles, a real social butterfly he was.


Derby of the Damned

Sophie M

"Helllllllo and welcome to the All States Roller Derby championships! Oh boy what a line up we have for you today. After a brutal round of semis yesterday we have managed to get down to our final two teams. Who will be the winner of the prestigious All States Roller Derby Cup? Stay tuned to find out!"

Homebrew (3:16 knock off)

It's Glargle Past Threep

Join the Time Police, they said. It's a cushy life, they said, in the Women's Auxiliary of the Xenochronometry Division of the Standards Inspectorate. Snappy uniform, they said, government pension and nothing more laborious to do than fill out the occasional B11 Notification of Noncompliant Measurement Units (Revised). Yeah, right. Because since breakfast you’ve been shot at twice, erased from history six times, trapped in five temporal paradoxes and narrowly avoided having sex with your own grandfather. And it’s still only glargle past threep. Again.

FRUP: One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing

Ivan Towlson

In a world where the Rules Lawyers enforce the holy writ of the Dungeon Master’s Guide, there is little mercy for those who stray from the One True Way. So when your village comes due for a Wandering Monster Check, it's all hands on deck to make sure that you're fully compliant with the tables in Appendix C. And that’s when you find out the authorities have rezoned your wilderness hex "Sub-Tropical to Tropical - Age of Dinosaurs."

Seeking first-round GMs

Deep under Wellington, something stirs...

KapCon has been dead but dreaming for the past few months, but is now beginning to stir to life to eat the minds of the puny fleshy things that walk the surface of the earth, never contemplating what horror lurks beneath organise next year's con. The first step: organise the first round GMs. We need to start early because first round game details go in the flyer, which we would like to have out in time for Buckets of Dice (or CONFusion at the latest). So, we're looking for some volunteers. At this stage, all we need is a title, a blurb, and most importantly, a commitment to be there and run. If you can do that, then please email us or chip in on the NZRaG discussion.

Mafia 2071

The flickering light of neon signs illuminate the blood soaked streets from their lofty perch atop the corporate towers of NeoSteelsberg. These mega corporations tower over the darkened streets of the city, but in those streets, just beyond their reach lie the true power of the city.

This power has become is fractured, years of war have rent the underworld families and divided this once strong Mafia powerbase. On any normal night, the air would be filled with the stench of blood and the scream of police sirens, but tonight is special. Tonight, for just one night, the war ends. The guns are silenced and the blood has time to dry. The powers of the underworld join together to pay their respects to the fallen.

But who was Big Tony? Word on street is rife with rumour. Some say he was a deep cover federal agent, others have him as a member of the ruling body of the Mafia from Sicily, still more connect him with the mega corporations. One thing is true, his death has attracted the attention of all three of the underworld family heads; which forces a second, more dire question.

Who killed Big Tony?

Tonight, the city holds its breath as the three criminal powers meet under the same roof. For this night holds more promise than any in years, this night is maybe the last and only chance for the warring factions of the cities underworld to reach peace once more, or forever rend it asunder.

In top contention; La Cosa Nostra, the Malandrino family. With years of heritage behind them, tonight presents an opportunity to reclaim the city for themselves and to finally rid the streets of an infection they have been forced to share power with for too long, the Irish.

With no need for fancy titles and the pomp and ceremony of their Sicilian counterparts, the Irish Mob has controlled the lower city for decades. Tonight, with the Commissione present, true control of the city is once again within their grasp, but their lofty goals are not without complication.

From the shadows of the new world wide web, the Matrix, a new power has emerged. They need no hit man to kill you or strong-arm to make threats, with but a whisper and keystroke they can steal your very identity. The NeoMafia have struggled against the traditional powers for too long, and now demand recognition.

Tonight, the city holds its breath these warring factions the sit together in an uneasy peace. Traitors will be unmasked. Bonds of friendship made and broken. Love found and lost Peace made or destroyed Tonight, amidst the neon glow and fading gun smoke, the fate of NeoSteelsberg will be decided.

Mafia 2071.

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