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Star Trek Adventures : Signals


A month ago, Starfleet picked up an unusual alien signal emanating from the Seku system, deep inside the Carina Nebula within the Shackleton Expanse. The runabout Susquehanna was initially dispatched to investigate, but the crew failed to report and is presumed lost. Starfleet has asked the USS Venture to investigate the source of the signal and locate the missing runabout.


This game is using Modiphius' 2d20 system, tuned specifically for a Star Trek feel. The setting era is 2371, so towards the end of the TNG, middle of DS9. System knowledge isn't needed as it's pretty straight forward. The session is based on a living campaign session developed by Modiphius.

Star Trek Adventures (2d20)

Planet Mercenary: Strada Alta Chapter 4: Can you ever truly leave the family?

Will Huggins

The media circus following your unprecedented success on Khilosh has finally begun to die down and you have all begun the daunting task of trying to upscale your personnel to match your new fleet. Naturally it’s at this delicate time that your past returns to haunt you, with a desperate request from your uncle. He wishes to retire, and he needs an escort away from the remote mining operation he’s managed on behalf of the family for nearly two decades. The media will whip themselves into a frenzy at the very idea of you all becoming involved in family business again, but he was the only one who supported you when you wanted out and you owe him.
All you need to do is show up with enough firepower to deter his opponents without spooking them so you can get Uncle Vasso and his immediate family off the mining station with their fortune and without anyone getting shot on either side because you don’t want a family feud…. without the media finding out. What could go wrong?
“Travel the Galaxy! Meet Fascinating New Life Forms, Then Kill Them!”
Set in the universe of the long running webcomic Schlock Mercenary, Planet Mercenary is a fast paced and hopefully humorous game about trying to make money by shooting people but in this instance your job is to minimise the chaos. Good luck with that.
Knowledge of the game system is not needed, knowledge of the comic is a bonus!

Planet Mercenary: 3d6 Mayhem

Call of Catthulhu: The Great Escrape

Nicoletta De Maio

You are a cat. As such, the world has obviously been put in place for your convenience. So why then, you ask yourself, do you find yourself locked up at the local SPCA after your latest caper? What could have possessed them to go look for you, trap you in a corner and stick you in a cage next to a bunch of lowlifes that clearly deserve to be here much more than you do? All you did was chase that rat along the ledge, after all. It wasn't your fault that that flowerpot stood where it did, and that the two-foot below walked past at that precise moment.

This will not stand. You and your fellow cats haven't been guiding two-footkind according to the principles the Great Idea for the last ten millennia, subtly influencing their minds to make the world more suitable for you, just to let it come to this. This is outrageous, and clearly not the way things were intended to be. Besides, that big hairydog in the bottom row just started snoring, and it's getting on your nerves.

You're getting out of here. As fast and as quietly as possible.

Call of Catthulhu

Wicked Lies & Alibis

Alasdair Sinclair

You are the Prime Suspect in a Murder Investigation

The world is changing; a great economic depression wipes out the life savings of rich and poor alike.

But the party goes on for the wealthy and well-heeled, determined to ignore the impending financial crisis and dance long into the night.

Now a brutal murder threatens to shatter this world of privilege, influence and power. One of your own is dead and a Great Detective has been summoned to solve the case.

Yes you had a motive, and perhaps even the means and opportunity to commit the murder, but you're certainly not the only one...

Clear your name and uncover the real killer, before it's too late!

Wicked Lies & Alibis is a whodunnit roleplaying experience set in the age of Art Deco. Players generate characters at the table from a selection of cards, and play through several establishing scenes in the lead-up to a murder. The remainder of the game is resolved through accusations, alibis and flashbacks as the characters seek to avoid suspicion by incriminating one another.

Wicked Lies & Alibis

Dungeons and Tax Evasion


You are the most famous and powerful adventuring party in all the land.

You haven’t done much adventuring lately, though. A few years ago you defeated a Mindflayer in its dark underground lair and discovered something valuable on the way out: There was gold in the mountain. You retired and set up a mining operation.

But early on your Cleric pointed out that the tax on earnings from a mine is much higher than the tax on adventuring loot.

So you worked something out with a nearby goblin tribe.

They work in your mines, you get to pretend you stole this gold from them, everyone gets a cut, everyone’s rich.

But now you’re being audited.

A clerk sent by the Queen herself is coming with you on your next ‘adventure’ to confirm your tax records. So now you have to make it look convincing as you descend into your own mine to ‘steal’ from the goblins who work with you.

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

KapCon needs more games

TL;DR: We need a few more games, plus surge protection. Numbers follow.

Calling for those last few games! As I've mentioned, registrations are low - currently we have just 81, plus 14 squaddies on Sunday. I am currently expecting a total attendance of ~130: basicly, one or two registrations per day, plus 20 walk-ins. And I need cover in case signups increase or that last number is 30 rather than 20. Which means: we need a few more games, plus some surge protection.

Here's what we've got:
Round 1: 70 (11 games) + 12 GOD
Round 2: 69 (12 games) + 12 GOD
Round 3: 43 (8 games) + 12 GOD
Round 4: 6 (1 game) + 12 GOD
Round 5: 53 (10 games) + 12 GOD + AS
Round 6: 61 (10 games) + 12 GOD + AS
Round 7: 36 (6 games) + 12 GOD

(Note that not everyone attends every session, so I have 26 vacant slots in rounds 1 and 2, which fits well with the number of signups we expect)

Based on past cons of similar size, usual demand patterns, and accounting for Adventure Squad soaking parents on Sunday. I think we need 75 / 75 / 50 / 25 / 65 / 70 / 45. Which means we need: 1 more game in rounds 1,2 and 3, 1 or 2 more games in round 4 (the larp session, and the one with the biggest uncertainty), 2 more in rounds 5,6 and 7 (though the latter is often dealt with by GMs getting enthusiastic on the day). In addition, we need at least one surge protection game for every round (we have 3 GMs who have volunteered to run all 6 sessions if they have to, and that's half our surge protection covered. But we want to give them a chance to play, and they'd probably be running in GoD anyway).

If you can help, either email me at kapcon@gmail.com, or fill out the form here: http://kapcon.org.nz/?q=node/add/game

EAGLE COMIC: Tops in Photo Stories!

Morgan Davie

British kids adventure comic EAGLE from the 1950s was revived in the early '80s with a mix of drawn stories and stories made using the Italian "fumetti" style, with posed photographs of actors.

In this game, YOU will get to be the heroes of these photo-stories. You can be a deadly assassin, an undercover cop, a schoolkid who likes playing football! You'll learn all you need to know at the game.

I'm running this with a very easy-to-learn homebrew system. WARNING: you will be photographed when you play this game. You'll get bonus dice for posing for an action shot! (Photos will not be shared without permission, of course.)

Also I have no idea how this game is going to end so that will be fun for all of us.


Weird Inter-War World

David Lemire

On Alternate Earth the city of Al-Kahire (Cairo) is an internationally recognized "Free City" governed by all the Five Empires (New Atlantis, Europa, Osman, Mughal and Ming) equally. The city's governor, Prince Dmitri Amilakhvari, has sought to divert attention away from intrigue and corruption by opening up the hitherto cursed and tabooed necropolis of Ghiza to excavation (for some parts are buried in sand) and exploration. The necropolis lies ten kilometers west of the Great Pyramids and includes mortuary catacombs, subterranean temples, caverns, tombs of nobles, graves of commoners, and sites about which rumors and legends swirl.

One rumor avers that the long lost pyramid temple and tomb of the pharaoh Akhenaten has emerged from the sands.


Shadowrun: The Deck Job

Grant Robinson

Friday night is the time for fun, not for work, but creds are creds. So when your fixer calls to set up a meeting for 9 pm on a Friday night, you don’t argue. Well, not too much anyhow.“The Johnson is a Ms. Maggie Goldberg. I think you’ve met, right? Anyhow, get your cronies rounded up and meet her down at Miller’s Pub right away. She’s got a little problem with your name written all over it.”

Shadowrun is a game where magic meets man and machine, set in the not too distant future, where corporations run a world where magic has come back, you are Shadowrunners, the people caught in the cracks of the brave new world, with skills and equipment to do the tasks that no one else can do. Used as deniable assets in shadow wars between corporations, sometimes you can even do a little good in the world....

Shadowrun 5th Ed

Down Below


The job: Steal the Sceptre of Wonders from the Royal Treasury, deep beneath the Pink Palace, in the city of Anaxapajura, capital of the remote tropical island nation of Hcunanzamon. An impossible task, say most.
They don't know about the secret door inside though. On the other side of this door? The fabled place known as Down Below, a vast labyrinth of wonder and mystery, according to legend one of the last remnants of an ancient but advanced society who vanished abruptly thousands of years ago.
But there's a map, showing a safe path through the mysterious machinery, deadly traps and ancient guardians, which will enable you to escape beneath the city to the exit and be away on your waiting ship before the alarm is raised.
Of course, those rumours Down Below has been known to completely change its layout for no apparent reason whatsoever aren't true...

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