Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 23rd - 24th 2021

Dance of the Cockroaches

Ian Hewson

Message from delta computer
Lately the computer has noticed that the giant Roaches of Green sector have been moving in an unusual fashion and the computer has become nervous -not that the computer is worried- but delta computer likes it when none sentient life forms don't show intelligence. your elite squad of red trouble shooters are to go in and determine if it is a dance or just that they have something on there left antenna.
the computer has also lost a Sunbeam laser tank, these two thing are not related but have happened in the same sector.

Loose Paranoia old style

The Long Lost Boys

Erik Andersen

“The boys on the island vary, of course, in numbers, according as they get killed and so on; and when they seem to be growing up, which is against the rules, Peter thins them out…” - Peter Pan, J. M. Barrie

Thimbles and Buttons

I Know, Right?


Hopefully this will be a rewritten version of "I Know, Right?" The game where you are all teenage girls in the same clique. Think the movie Mean Girls :)


Pantheon Games


"Pantheon Games" is a story for White Wolf's "Scion" game, using mostly the original system and background with a few tweaks and one major change in background: There is no Titan War, the Titans have never escaped from their prison, and the gods therefore spend most of their time with petty bickering, schemes and intrigues among themselves.


A KapCon Christmas Carol

KapCon is coming;
The games are getting full;
Please pre-register;
Or you'll be a fool.

We mean it - games are beginning to fill up. So please pre-register now!

The Esqualment of Lhask


As archmagicians, this question will always be uppermost in the players' minds: is averting an unpleasant global fate truly more important than demonstrating one's superior ability, flair and wit? After all, one must acknowledge that the Dying Earth will, at best, limp its way through but another century or so before collapsing into so much frozen rock. Perhaps, however, extending the Earth's existence will provide opportunities to gain status and soundly defeat one's peers.

Dying Earth RPG

The Hats Theater

Tali Halevy

They entered the room. Actors- our creators and operators. We sit in the dark, waiting for their command.
We are only the possibilities they see in us. They will decide the characters, they will decide the story, they will write the text.
And we? We are just props, waiting for our time of glory.

There are plays that have never been written. There are plays that are written again every day.
Hush now! The show begins.


Stage Improvisation

Dresden Files RPG

Dresden Files RPG - Fate System

Eagle One Down

Liam Jones

A transmission breaks the squelch on the radio at Forward Operating Base "Freedom". The operations officer picks up the hand set and waits.....


“This is eagle one approaching LZ over”

“This is zero alpha rodger over”

“Eagle one, LZ in sight drop off in five mikes over”

“Zero alpha acknowledged over”

“Eagle one approaching from the north, LZ looks clear, wait”

“Contact contact”

M60 Machinegun fire

“Oh my god, were going down, oh my god, what is that!”


Call of Cthulhu

Catalyst and Widfire now supporters of KapCon 18!

Catalyst GameLabs Wildfire LIC

Wildire LIC producers of CthuluTech and the Framework Engine & Catalyst GameLabs, current producers of BattleTech and ShadowRun are welcomed on board as supporters of KapCon 18!

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