Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 23rd - 24th 2021

Ship of Fools

Michael Foster

The Solar Princess, the galaxy's most advanced and most luxurious spaceship (at least according to the advertising brochures), sails serenely between the stars. Some travel on her only briefly, visiting new worlds or sightseeing the wonders of the galaxy as she plies her never-ending course through space, while others have made her their permanent home. And of course there are the crew, only the best and brightest are chosen, obviously.

homebrew indie stylez

Soooo Not Our Future

Daniel Steadman

The world has changed since the end of season 7. The Slayers have gotten all organisey and missiony but there are a few newly awoken slayers that aren't part of the plan. They still live with their folks, struggle with math and try to get by at school. One such slayer is trying to avoid flunking school and do their bit to keep the world safe, now if only they hadn't been grounded for smoking...

Yes I'm running it again, with some twists....

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Unisystem

Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies - Falcons of Crail

Paul Wilson

Musketeers, Skyships, Swashbuckers, and Pirates. All of these meet in the port city of Agua Azul on the free cloud island Crail.

When a mysterious artifact is brought in to the port , The Falcons of Agua Azul must track down the conspiracy looking to destroy the city. Could it be a super weapon left over from a people long forgotten ? an assasin's cache in a plot to kill the commandant and plunge the city into disorder?

Either way a motley crew of miscreants / musketeers or municpal employees must solve this riddle.

Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies S7S

Against the Night


September 6th, 2248: For the past three years Earth has been fighting a losing war against a massively superior alien race known as the Minbari. Now the Minbari fleet has come to Earth. A call has gone out for everyone able to fly a ship to report to a muster station. From there, you have been moved out to near a military airfield and told to wait pending an announcement that should come in an hour or two.


Kapcon 18 Scenario Design Contest - Judge's Comments

This was a great year for the SDC with five entrants submitting 7 scenarios. The games covered a range of genre from futuristic horror to two fisted mystery to camp humour. The quality of the games was universally high and choosing a winning scenario was no easy task.

KapCon 18 Over

Well, KapCon 18 is over, and we have to wait an entire year till another. Thanks to everyone who came along and made it such a lot of fun, especially our overseas visitors and the LARP team, but not forgetting all our amazing facilitators!

In the meantime, you can look at pictures of the LARP (some more are available here, but you'll need a Facebook log-in to see them), or follow the thread on NZ-RAG where people link to posts about their experiences of the convention. If you've written one, or just want to make some comments, go to the thread and link yours in, we all want to hear what people thought!

Now we have to figure out what (if anything) next year's KapCon will be subtitled!

Breach of Containment

Karen Wilson

PALMERSTON NORTH: A lab accident at Massey University claimed the life of a researcher yesterday. The accident is understood to have occured in a biological research lab on the university campus. No names have been released.
Police are remaining close-mouthed about the incident, and have cordoned off the area pending a full investigation.


Big Gorram Monsters!

Conan McKegg

There are no aliens out in the Black. That's what they tell you. But on the planet of Edgerock, there are rumours of strange creatures attacking the local homesteads. A small team of mercenaries might just find out what's going on.


The Head in the Sky

Conan McKegg

June 1936. For two minutes on a stormy night, a face was seen looking down on Manhattan. Now every paranormal investigator from the nearest three states has come to investigate why this has happened... and reveal its secret.

Trail of Cthulhu

Shadowrun - Parliament of Theives

Richard Fields

First mission of the Denver story arc from Shadowrun Missions. This is a simple small package delivery, easy enough, right?

This is part of the ongoing Shadowrun Missions series of games, and is the first game set in Denver. You are welcome to bring along a new character you wish to use in Shadowrun missions games, otherwise I will have a selection of pre-generated characters with me for you to choose from.

Shadowrun 4
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