Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 23rd - 24th 2021

The Not-so-long Con

Conan McKegg

Even though you don't really trust each other, you have banded together for surprisingly altruistic reasons. The Boss has a thing about helping those who are being bullied by the unscrupulous businesses, politicians and criminals of the world.

Jarrod Vern is one such individual. This dot Com prodigy has since built a massive multi-media empire. But his business has been built on the backs of the smaller companies that have been crushed by his less than legal practices.

But no amount of money, no sophisticated security system and certainly no small army of security guards is going to protect him from your team. With a major presentation less than a week away, an opportunity has opened up for your team to turn the tide on him. It's time to get some leverage...

Leverage RPG

Games on Demand

Mike Sands, Simon Carryer, Steve Hickey, Hamish Cameron, Jenni Dowsett, Svend Andersen, Sophie Melchior, and more!

Games on Demand will be back in 2012.

You'll be able to come in, vote for games and play them as you have come to expect.

Here's a list of likely games on offer:

  • Dungeon World
  • Hollowpoint
  • Lady Blackbird
  • The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon
  • Microscope
  • Left Coast
  • Monsterhearts
  • Primetime Adventures
  • Universalis
  • My Life with Master
  • Dogs in the Vineyard
  • Poison'd
  • S/lay w/me
  • Monster of the Week
  • Fiasco
  • Apocalypse World
  • Mouse Guard
  • 3:16
  • InSpectres

Precinct '77 - Kings of Hazard (S02E01)

Marcus Bone

Copied from the TV Week:

"Precinct '77 returns for a second session of guns, gals and crime in Empire City.
In this episode, Crane returns from suspension, Wilks edges ever closer to retirement, while James' past in the ghetto comes back to haunt him. The trio also becomes a foursome, as they are joined by the rookie Bayder, an up and coming flatfoot with a thing or two to prove to the team. And, hell, we ain't even got to the plot of the episode yet!"


What is Precinct 77?

Big collars, bitchin’ cars, side burns, Fog Hat. Yeah, you remember the ‘70’s. Or at least you've heard of it. Welcome to Empire City, just upstate from Springfield. The heroes are the detectives of Precinct 77. This isn’t about procedural law. Th is is about kicking down doors, grabbing the punk by the neck and getting the information you need. Here in the cinematic land of 1977 men are men, women are women, the spirit of justice trumps the letter of the law, and political correctness only means that you just voted the bum out of office. Th e only rule to remember is the good guys never shoot first.

Mini Six

Purgatory 13 – Descent to Abraxus

Dan L'Estrange & Bryan (Baz/Zak) Clark

Purgatory 13 Prisoner Transfer Log

Main dock lock complete... transferring computer core in 3... 2... 1... Mark.
Prisoner records transfer complete.
Passport control transfer complete.
Computer core transfer.... incomplete.

ALERT ALERT ALERT. Main dock locks fail. Emergency thrusters online.
ALERT ALERT ALERT. Fire in transfer tube. Decompression in main dock. Lock down procedures in effect.
ALERT ALERT ALERT. Lock down fail.
ALERT ALERT ALERT. Main computer offline. Attempting restart.
ALERT ALERT ALERT. Restart failed.

Far from Earth in the distant arm of the equinox system the prisoner starship “Purgatory 13” has suffered severe system and hardware damage after what should have been a standard docking procedure that went wrong!

Purgatory 13's main computer was forced into quick action, and attempted to place the ship into a stable orbit around the Abraxus prison planet, however venting gases and system failures are slowly forcing a descent towards the atmosphere of Abraxus threatening not only the lives of ships crew, but also the lives of the prisoners!

Purgatory 13 attempted a reboot to correct himself, but the computer lost control of the almost all ship systems and stalled (blue screen!). The lock down of prison quarters started to fail sporadically and some the “meanest sons of bitches” destined for prison… are set free!

This rollercoaster scenario pits the (Upstanding Ship Crew) VS (Mean “Son of a Bitch” Prisoners) in a fight to gain control not only the Purgatory 13… But their lives!

With everything going so wrong… Who will be victor?!?

A nod to Grey Ranks

Press The Flesh

Daniel Steadman

Press The Flesh

The life of a Sentinel is never easy. You are run by an illicit organisation with the goal of saving Transhumanity from itself and other threats.

You had been hoping for some downtime but floating above Venus you know you are in for a very long day *...approximately 2793 old terran hours...* your muse softly whispers in the recesses of your mind.

This game will be exploring what it means to be 'human'. There will be action and humour but we will touch on ideas and concepts that could make people uncomfortable.

Eclipse Phase

The Snark

Marcus Bone

"Just the Place for a Snark!", the Bellman cried, as he landed his crew with care. Supporting each man on the top of the tide by a finger entwined in his hair...

The Bellman himself lays dead at your feet, the victim of some dastardly deed. But who is of guilt and who is to blame, and which had a desperate need.

The Bellman lays dead, let me tell you again, and your companions all quiver with fear. Each had a cause, and all had the means, yet is that the Boojum you hear?


Al-Shirma LARP casting questionnaire is up.

Go and let the LARP team know your character preferences by filling out the LARP casting questionnaire

Diamond Geezers


Dramatic Millennium Dome robbery!

The Millennium Dome was raided earlier today by an intrepid armed gang, who used a JCB to break in and steal the De Beers diamonds worth an estimated 220 million pounds. They escaped by speedboat up the Thames.

If you have any information as to their whereabouts call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


Drizztina's Academy for Gifted Drow


Its tough being an orphan. Now imagine being a clanless orphan in the Drow underworld. Plucked up out of the sewers of Erelhei-Cinlu because someone spotted a spark of talent in you, now you face your toughest challenge to date: graduating from senior year. Pass with 1st class honours, and a more prosperous life awaits, flunk out, and if you're lucky you'll become a Drider.

Dragon Age

Spy Family


So Mum and Dad have gone missing again..... and is grandad's cat looking at you weirdly.
Its up to the kids ,granddad (plus their loyal dog , shifty cat and a hamster in a ball) to find out what happened to mum and dad, what could Professor Diavolo finally have done to them and if they will be home for the holidays.

PDQ Sharp.
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