Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 19th - 20th 2019

Valley of Lost Children

Karen Wilson

You are a member of an elite unit in the Brassicacean army, hand-picked by the charismatic captain. You’re a close-knit unit of specialists, usually assigned to ambassadorial missions or diplomatic protection, but now, mysteriously assigned to a tax collection detail. Apparently some hick town in Umbellifera (a province you’ve barely heard of on the western margin of the empire) is attracting the attention and jealousy of its neighbours by having a few more sheep than them or something.


The Golden Pegasus Home for Retired Adventurers


"The Company of the Argent Banner" were once a bold band of adventurers. However, time waits for no man (although it seems quite happy to wait for elves and dwarves), and now many of the party have retired to "The Golden Pegasus".


MYRE 1-1 Undead Hunt

GM [Karen]

Parts of Baldur’s gate have been overrun with undead and the Flaming Fist Company are recruiting sell swords to strike back at the incursion and rescue the surviving citizen’s while the horde is contained and an overwhelming force can be organised to free the city of this plague.

Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition

Shadowrun: Best Served Cold

Richard Fields

Set in Denver using and Shadowrun 4th Ed.
"We're burning daylight kid and I've got a Johnson who's getting back in the game"

Bring your own player character or use the stock characters that are available.
Best suited to four players but can run with three to six.


Quest for the Tainted Mask - Darmouth Harbourside vs. Blackraven

Jonathan Tailby

In a kingdom where adventuring is a spectator sport; warriors, wizards and thieves risk dungeons, kill monsters and rescue treasure, and it is all shown live in taverns and inns throughout the kingdom. All your heroic deeds on display for your adoring fans.

In the third round of the Association Cup, the once great Darmouth Harbourside are matched against the heroic Blackraven questing for the Tainted Mask. So our brave heroes venture forth with only their referee, camera crew, coach and reserves to back them up, hoping to revive former glory.

Feng Shui

Apes on a Mother Freaking Shuttle

Andy Mc

Standing between the forces of technology and the forces of nature lie the knights of the balance, otherwise known as plumbers. These brave souls ensure that neither unfettered progress nor rampant nature triumph. Where necessary they step in, with a trusty spanner in hand to deal out justice. A crack group of master plumbers have been summonsed to Manchester, England, to hear a report of a potential reality dysfunction from Bill 3rd, the Grand master plumber...

[This was originally run at Kapcon 07]

Over the Edge with Indy touches sortof

Operation Icebox


The year is 1947, and the American Navy is conducting manuvers in Antarctic waters. But for a small group of marines, it's not just the icy conditions they'll be fighting...

The players will be archetypical soldiers (Sarge, Greenhorn, Moose, Doc & Koslowski) dealing with a supernatural menace on a sub-Antarctic island. We will use the InSpectres ruleset. Last time this was run, there was time for two episodes.


Pre-Con Drinks

Where: The Ruby Lounge, 14 Bond St, CBD Wellington
When: From 19:00 (7:00pm) on Friday 22 January
What: A casual get together the evening before the convention to catch up with old acquaintances and meet new attendees.

Pre-con drinks will this year be at the Ruby Lounge, the new establishment where SYN used to be. Be there or be absent.

Reaper's Bounty

Luke Walker

An ragtag band of travellers, a madman, a nobleman and a forest full of factions collide at an abandoned inn on a dark and stormy night. Can anyone survive to see the dawn? And for those that do, will their sanity and conscience remain intact?

This scenario is designed as introduction to the world of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and FFG's new Third Edition system that is suitable for both newcomers and old hats .


Lich Greyhawk

Peter Wood

What happened when the Living Greyhawk campaign ended? It became an undead campaign. Lich Greyhawk will be running in the RPGA room - bring your old Living Greyhawk character. Uses the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 rules.

Dungeons and Dragons 3.5
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