Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 19th - 20th 2019

Murder Under An Indigo Sun

Conan McKegg

The Great War has ended. The Vislae have returned to the Actuality and the Glistening City is rebuilding.

But the scars of war remain. Even though nobody remembers precisely what happened or who was on what side, or even what sides there were.

Magical Cysts are all across the city, places where the magic of the war has left behind areas too toxic to enter.

It’s a time of rebuilding and healing.

And today in your office a new client has come with an unusual problem. A Vislae has been murdered and they want you to help them find who murdered them and recover their body...

Invisible Sun is a surreal urban fantasy where our world is a lie. A false shadow of the real world, the Actuality, which exists under the Indigo Sun. One of the eight known suns of reality.

You are a Vislae, people of immense power. Dealers in magic and secrets. Those who follow the ninth, Invisible Sun.

You live in the Glistening City of Satyrine, a place where the impossible is an everyday occurance. Where for many death is not the end but an inconvenience.

It’s a game of mysteries and secrets. Some in game and some using the game components.

Invisible Sun

Filling the Void

Stephanie Pegg

A game about the space between story and self.

We will create a star chart and the mythology that fills the gap between the constellations and our everyday lives.

Filling the Void was a finalist in the 2018 200 Word RPG awards written by Jessica Rainbow & Daniel Wood:

Story game

Swords Without Master

Mel Duncan

In the City of Fire and Coin, all the roads meet.
In the City of Fire and Coin, old gods sleep.
In the City of Fire and Coin, the rooftop monkey armys fight.
In the City of Fire and Coin, test your mettle and test your might.

A different system by Epidiah Ravachol, author of Dread. The style is "extreme narrative" - ideally, you should be channeling the spirits of Mako and Patrick Stewart with the bombast of "Highlander". Or, y'know, Conan, which is what it was written for.

We share one pair of dice, which you can only roll if someone gives them to you.

Explore the city of Fire and Coin, narrate it like you married a thesaurus, and make up most of it on the spot.

Swords Without Master

Dread: Cyber-Nightmares

Jay 'Rakdos'

The year is 2557. Machine and human are closer than ever; virtual reality and augmented reality are commonplace, while the internet grows each hour, let alone each day or month. Cybernetic enhancements can be bought and sold in shops alongside televisions and appliances.

Quincey Morris High School, shut down in the 1960s, was cleaned and reinstated around 2525, and has been a stellar institute of learning so far.

However, there are rumours.

Some say that the old spirits from another age have arisen slowly with the school. Others think that the freedom around the campus attracts the weird and twisted.

Dread (uses Jenga)

[Summerland] Looking for a Friend

Marcus Bone

‘Looking for a Friend’ is a supernatural investigation scenario, set in the remains of Turner Hills. A strange evil stalks the small community that huddles in the ruins, hunting those who stray too far from its fragile walls be they innocent or guilty.

The question is does this terror come from within or without?

About Summerland
In Summerland, players take on the roles of Drifters, characters who travel beneath the Sea of Leaves, the vast supernatural forest that has devastated the works of humanity. They are driven to constantly move on due to a past trauma that while protecting them from the Call, the siren-song of the forest, it prohibits them from being accepted in to what's left of society. Instead they must confront their past, resolve their trauma and at last join the remainder of humanity.

What style of game will you be getting yourself into? Think Alex Garland's 'Annihilation', the novel 'Roadside Picnic' or the computer game 'Stalker'. You play complex characters in an insane world attempting to solve other people's problems while struggling with your own ills.

I hope to run a dark but heroic adventure with a mature, engaged group of players. I'll bring the mystery, you bring the energy!

Mini Six

LARP: Take the Initiative

Russ Kale and Morgan Atkins

"The fiends of grey have narrowed eyes
and, following their stares of slate
the valiant may claim their prize,
but cowardice will seal their fate."

- Leddir the Foolhardy

The Subterranean Monastery is the subject of many rumours and lore. Many believe that it doesn't exist at all, and is spoken of as a cautionary fable about greed. Others dismiss it as the ramblings of those who have been on the road alone too long, or as a metaphor about life or education or something.
You are not so sure. After all, you have followed the clues, pored over ancient scrolls in archives that, for no good reason, are full of traps, and come this far. Now you stand in the central chamber of the Subterranean Monastery.

Something strange has happened, though. You are not alone here. Many of those who surround you are strangers, but they all share the same glint in their eyes. The treasure of the Subterranean Monastery is close. Will you be the one to grasp it? Where is it, anyway?

Take the Initiative is a fantasy-comedy larp drawing on tabletop roleplaying tropes, with a healthy dose of riddles, weird combat abstractions, and a barbarian named Konrad.


Enter the Alphabestiary

Morgan Atkins and Russ Kale

'A is for Adventurers'.

You have woken up, surrounded by your scattered possessions. There are others there, in this keep, and they seem just as confused as you. The only clue to why you are here is written on the wall, in a fine, almost scientific script. Your quest lies beyond that door with the strange lock...

Acquire an absolutely absurd accessory array, attack astonishing and arcane adversaries, and ascend above... an alphabestiary.

D&D 5e

LARP: How to Succeed in the Apocalypse Without Really Dying

Lee Patrick

When the dead rose, the employees and attendees at Blue Sky Corporate Communication Seminars handled the problem the way they handle every problem: leveraging synergy, shifting paradigms, roadmapping strategies, and holistically approaching the disruption of the world as we know it.

In other words, they barricaded themselves inside their fancy hotel, updated their sensitivity training programs to reflect the need to occasionally shoot their colleagues in the brain stem, and carried on with their mission: teaching better communication strategies. Which was all fine until a ragtag group of survivors managed to break through their defences, get inside, and start demanding food and weapons. Clearly the newcomers could benefit from a few communication skills workshops. Good thing the Blue Sky employees have all the guns!

How to Succeed in the Apocalypse Without Really Dying is a very silly LARP about corporate drones, talking sticks, and zombies.


LARP: Mad-Winter Christmas

Sally Hayes

You are attending a mid-winter Christmas party with your in-laws. It’s August, you’re wearing a snowman jersey and you couldn’t work out if you were supposed to bring a present. How did they find crackers at this time of year? Did they steal the tree from someone’s back yard? Did … Did they record last years Christmas TV to play endlessly in the background? Time for a nice ten minute stint in the bathroom… Oh. Someone else had the same idea. Well then.

Content warnings: Cringe, mid-life crises, mild drug use, pregnancy, intoxication


LARP: Longest Night

Quentin Bourne

Once a year on the longest night ghosts with unfinished business can manifest on the mortal plane, and every year a psychic invites a small group of people to their home to try to help the ghosts resolve their business.

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