Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 23rd - 24th 2021

Kapcon Summer-Slam


BOB: “After the absolute mayhem and carnage of the Day of Games World Championship Bout I find it hard to believe that the organisers of the Kapcon Federation would condone another free-for-all wrestling championship..."

J.T.: “It defies belief Bob, didn't mysterious D.O.G. General Manager Slammin’ Sophie Melchior swear that any rival organisation would suffer the wrath of her League of Infamy?"

BOB: "She sure did, I just hope those Kapcon folks know what they're letting themselves in for. The innagueral Kapcon Summer-Slam mega event is certain to attract a fresh batch of mean, smack-talking wrestlers with crazy gimmicks and moves like you’ve never seen before, all eager to beat down the opposition and form syndicates capable of pulling off an amazing victory…”

J.T.: "I mean this is going to be the pay-per-view event of the century, I just hope that the venue has some ironclad insurance because I think more than just ego's are going to be smashed inside the ring of glory"

BOB: "It's an electrifying prospect J.T., I can't wait!"

Piledrivers and Powerbombs – Chokeslam of Darkness Edition is a wrestling game where you generate wrestlers, their gimmicks, signature moves and their arch-nemesis and then enter the competition to become the innaugeral Kapcon Summer Slam World Champion.

Piledrivers and Powerbombs



This briefing is classified BLUE HADES. If you do not have BLUE HADES clearance, please leave the room now.

"At 0944 this morning, communication with the Witch Bravo oil platform was lost. It was initially believed to be a combination of heavy weather and technical difficulties but when they continued to remain out of touch, Witch Charlie sent a chopper out. It couldn’t land because of high winds but the pilot noted two things.

"Firstly, there were crew moving about on deck. Actually, he said ‘stumbling’. Secondly, the gas flare from the rig was green.

"At 1602, a rescue boat from the coast guard made contact with the platform. The last transmission we got from them was, ‘Oh fuck, they’ve got glowing eyes’.

"Witch Bravo is right on the edge of an area designated in the Benthic Treaty as forbidden to humanity. Without wishing to prejudice your findings, it is entirely possible that some moron has drilled into Cthulhu’s arse-crack. If that's the case, then your job is to plug it.

"But first, a word from Health & Safety..."

A Laundry Files adventure from Black Bag Jobs. A full briefing is available here.

The Laundry (BRP)


No, we don't have a t-shirt design yet. But we're discussing it on NZRaG, here. Please join in and throw your suggestiosn into the pool.

Extra time

Our magnificent SDC judge, Sophie Melchior, has decided to extend the scenario design competition deadline to 10 January 2012. So, the SDC is now officially in extra time!

If you have something you want to enter (such as, oh, that great game you ran last year, or are running this year, or ran at Fright Night), then you have a month to polish it up and send it away.

The Baker Street Irregulars

Erik Andersen

“I often marvel at how much stock you place in those boys’ abilities. You really think they’ll be able to track down the culprit?”
“Probably,” said Holmes, reaching for his hat and cane, “but they are only one avenue of investigation I’m following in this pursuit. Come on Watson, the night is young and there’s murder in the air; we can’t
let them have all the fun!”

Wiggins walked from the door of 221B Baker Street excitedly, hiding the final shining coins about his person. He disappeared amongst the back street fog, whistling as he went. Soon the gang was gathered and Wiggins held out a coin for each of them, “Same old job boys,” he smiled, “go everywhere, see everything and overhear everyone.”


Thieves in the Ninth House

Luke Walker

Ash falls like rain and mists blot out the stars. Skaa slaves live in squalor, languishing beneath the booted heel of oppressive nobility. Savage Steel Inquisitors hunt and slaughter all enemies of the mightiest being in the world, the Lord Ruler. A lucky few have the amazing magical ability to tap the hidden power of metal, flaring brighter and soaring higher than all others.

This is the world of Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn — and you’re about to save it, or die trying.

You are part of a thieving Crew whose services are retained by Hutch, the information broker. The job is simple but not easy: help Amyse Bylerum, daughter of a minor house, escape. She is held by House Urbain, the ninth most powerful house in the Final Empire.

Seems simple enough. But just remember - there is always another secret.

Mistborn Adventure Game


Russell Andrews

We are a society of functionally immortal, cybernetically modified, telepathic infovores living on a Stanford-torus style space station at a Lagrange point midway between Saturn and Tethys. Our community uses a reputation based economy to allocate those resources that remain scarce - mostly space and raw materials - but everybody's basic needs like food, water, shelter and entertainment are provided for.
You are now one of us.


The Bloodstones of Dungeon World


Each of you has gathered together to fight the evil wizard Grundward and stop him from penetrating the ancient temple in the hills and taking the powerful and mysterious bloodstone. The Thief dreams of the unimaginable wealth Grandwald carries and which must be hidden in this place, the Magic User seeks to stop his evil rival in his tracks before he is too powerful to stop. The Fighter cares little for spells - he seks to crush the Wizards lizardman henchmen beneath his blade, and the Cleric answers only to the Gods, and the Gods command him to stop this ancient evil in their name.

Can they overcome their foes to succeed? Do they have the moves to succeed in Dungeon World?

Dungeon World

The Mountain Witch

Russell Andrews

In the shadow of Mt Fuji a small group of lordless samurai, or Ronin, gather together to travel to the castle of O-Yama, the Mountain Witch, to claim the bounty in his head. But each Ronin has his own reasons for making the trek. Will the Ronin work together or will they betray each other? Will they defeat the Mountain Witch or will he defeat and seduce them? What secrets do the mountain and the dark forest hold?

The Mountain Witch

A Romantic Mystery (Hot Guys Making Out)


Consider Gonsalvo Hidalgo, one amidst the countless children orphaned by the Fascists during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). And yet, at the age of 16, he is whisked away from his orphanage in the middle of the night by a taciturn man in a fine suit, driven by motorcar to a remote mountain village in the Pyrenees.

The car races through the dark mountain roads, pelted by rain and gravel, until it finally arrives at a noble house, well-kept but ancient. In front of the house stands a beautiful man, his eyes distant, his mouth frowning slightly as he looks over the scene. Next to him, a maid holds an umbrella to keep the rain off of his long, flowing hair.

The driver opens Gonsalvo’s door. Somehow, at that moment, the boy knows that he has arrived at his new home. How does he feel? Does he dare to speak his mind? Who is this gorgeous mystery man, and what connection does he have to Gonsalvo and his family?

To find out, you must play the game ...

Hot Guys Making Out
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