Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 18th - 19th 2020

The Archmage's Crown


For nearly a century the necromancers of the Ebon Tower have plotted the fall of Arlandia. For nearly a century they have schemed their evil schemes and planned their evil plans. For nearly a century, they have been ruled over by a succession of Archmages, each aided by the power of a mystical crown. The crown grants power, and bonds instantly with its wearer. Whenever an Archmage dies, whoever first bonds with the Archmage's crown becomes the new Archmage.

Now the Archmage is dead, and a new one must be chosen. Who shall be the next wearer of the Archmage's Crown?

A Pratchettesque comedy-fantasy by Donna Giltrap, first run at KapCon XI. People who have played "The Golden Pegasus" and "Graduation day" may find some setting elements familiar.

Freeform / BURP

2011 SDC Entries up on SDC site.

Just updated the SDC web site to list all the 2011 entrants with links so you can download the following entries :

  • The Hand That Feeds by Alasdair Sinclair (winner) - a horror scenario about old-west demon hunters and the decisions they make, using Savage Worlds.
  • Did You Hear The One by Sophie Melchior (Runner Up) - a horror mini-LARP about a haunted house.
  • The Cold Shoreby Malcolm Harbrow - a subantarctic survival horrorusing NEMESIS.Distributed under Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike l 3.0 Licence
  • The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon (offsite link) by Jenni Dowsett - a supernatural romance scenario
  • New domain name : kapcon.org.nz

    KapCon now has a new domain name of it's very own : kapcon.org.nz.

    Don't worry, all the old URLs ( kapcon.rpg.net.nz, kapcon.rpg.org.nz ) still work, and will continue to do so as long as I maintain those domains, so people don;t need to hare off and edit any links they may have on web sites, and all our old search stats will remain relevant.

    It just means that there is now a slightly shorter URL to type and print on external forms. :)

    Kapcon SIte Now Has Commercial Hosting

    KapCon is no longer hosted on an ancient (10+ years old) IBM Net Vista sitting in my lounge. This hoary old beast is now permanently quiet, as is my lounge. You should find that performance of the site is significantly improved, along wth it's reliability.

    This site, and the others that used to be hosted there, are now hosted on a Debian VPS provided by the very professional New Zealand-based Net24. I've always been impressed at the service provided by their sister company 1st Domains, who provide registration and mail forwarding for all the sites I manage, including this one, and so far Net24 have been just as impressive.

    The process of transition was extremely smooth, and took less than day. ( I love apt-get! ) However, if you discover anything not working for you please let me know.

    Now to look at upgrading to Drupal 7 and looking at some of those site enhancements some people have suggested.

    Sailing on the Skye

    Ruth Harper

    What better way to spend a weekend than sailing on the Skye?

    An idyllic chance to enjoy the sun, sea, and learn a little sailing with a professional crew to do the hard work and provide sumptuous food.


    leave Wellington's Chaffers Street Marina at 8am Saturday 21 December
    lend a hand sailing down to the Marlborough Sounds
    swim in the waters of a pristine bay
    sleep lulled by the gentle waves
    cruise the beautiful coastline
    fish in the fertile waters
    eat your catch - cooked to perfection
    sail the Strait back to Wellington
    returning by 10pm Sunday 22 December

    Cost $200

    Call 021 THE SKYE

    We look forward to seeing you.


    To Live and Die in Japan


    Having lived and taught English in Japan for nearly a year, the lives of six unlikely foreigners suddenly become embroiled with the Yakuza, rival recruiters, a caretaker, and the supernatural.

    d20 Modern (Light)

    HarnCon timetable

    The timetable for HarnCon is up here.

    Project Olive Branch

    Trond Nilsen

    Welcome to the Project Olive Branch Troubleshooting Task Force. You may be aware that Quality Assurance have recently detected several critical defects in the first batch of Vindicators, due to be delivered to Alpha Complex Armed Forces in only a few days. Executive has determined that while these defects are most likely the fault of commie traitors and rival firms, a full review of the project is needed to examine these challenges and determine a preferred strategy for overcoming them.

    Please report to conference room B14 for briefing.

    Paranoia meets Dilbert meets Lockheed Martin.

    Paranoia XP - Straight

    Rhialto's Book of Marvels

    Bruno Knewstubb

    A character-driven game of almost childish one-upmanship played amongst the Dying Earth's most puissant arch-magicians (who happen to be stuck, in a book). Somebody must win - be sure it is you!

    Dying Earth / Skullduggery

    Lashings Of Ginger Beer - Five Go Mad On Tour

    Julia Blackmore

    A Famous Five piss take in the style of the TV comedy, Five Go Mad in Dorset, by The Comic Strip team.
    It is the summer holidays. You are all on tour with the Barmy Army, and having a spiffing time following the English cricket team around. What strange mystery or exciting adventure could possibly be uncovered. No doubt, some kind cricket fan's mum will provide you with loads of cream cakes, tons of ham sandwiches, bags of lettuce and a mountain of tomatoes - wizard!! So bring along your silly British accents, bicycles, camping equipment, cricket bats and simply lashings of ginger beer - well hoorah!!

    Lashings of Ginger Beer
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