Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 18th - 19th 2020

Call for games

So, its only four months to go till KapCon XXI, so its time to call for games. We've already got a few, thanks to the suckers wonderful people who offered early or were unable to avoid me at last years afterparty. But, as always, we need more. A lot more. Last year we ran 75 seperate game sessions, or about one for every two participants (we also ran about 20 sessions of Games on Demand). We're going to need about the same this year. Which means we need you to volunteer.

So, if you have a game idea, any game idea, and you're willing to run it at KapCon XXI, fill out the form. Please. Whether its crawling horror with Cthulhu, heroic fantasy in Lord of the Rings, a classic D&D red box dungeon crawl, or an intense family drama larp, with 150 gamers around, there will probably be someone who wants to play it. So please, step up, volunteer to GM, and help make KapCon XXI happen.

(GMs receive discounted entry and a free game pick for every session they run. We can also absolutely guarantee that in the event of Cthulhu rising from the depths, they will be eaten first. Which is better than it sounds, really).

White Rabbit

Karen Wilson

Admiral Kim: So she’s absolutely determined to remain in active service for the duration? Can’t be tempted with a choice teaching position at the Academy or a promotion? Can’t we just tell her that cosmic radiation will harm the baby?

Commodore Strassmann: She’s not a total idiot, just bloody-minded… Background radiation in the warren is lower than here on Earth. And ships are shielded for transit to the rabbithole. But yeah! She’s determined alright! And seems like she’s related to half the officers in Starfleet. I’ve had submissions from 4 Lieutenants, a Commodore, 3 Captains, an academy instructor, the Chief Engineer and Admiral Lapin herself. Aunts, cousins, brothers… Like bloody rabbits, these Lapins!

Admiral Kim: Let her try, then. We’ve been debating this for too long and lost too many good people. Kids have been growing up for decades on freight ships and liners. Though I’d have preferred a restriction on babies and toddlers. They’re a menace even on passenger flights. Shall we dredge up other recent requests and put together a crew. A courier, I think. Give her the speed and responsibility she’s used to, but in charted tunnels. A Scout is no place for children

Captain Jess Lapin: Hero of the Scout Corps; Discoverer of 3 habitable systems; Rescuer of the Passenger Liner Nomad with 2000 colonists aboard, Charter of 47 tunnels and star systems; Mother.

Join Captain Lapin, her 3 month old daughter Bronwyn and the crew of the fast courier Argent with their families, as they depart on their maiden voyage into the warren, the dark tunnels that link remote star systems and galaxies.

http://drbunnyhops.livejournal.com/tag/white%20rabbit I expect I'll be posting some non-spoilery game development stuff and spoilerful post-con reports

NZRaG is back

The NZRaG forums, which have been a heart of the Wellington gamer community, have had some trouble recently as their database went rotten. But now they're back:


Its a new instance, so you will need to reregister, and it'll probably take a day or two to process people and give them posting rights (a delay sadly necessary thanks to the number of spambots out there). The old forums have been archived, so all our discussions of KapCons past have been preserved.

The Difficult Life of the Costumed Henchman

Brooklynne Kennedy

Most villains have them: themed, costumed henchmen who aid them with their fiendish heists and dastardly plans. They may appear faceless behind their masks, but those henchmen have lives, too. And their lives are can be difficult. They have to put up with crusading heroes, the cackling madmen who employ them and poor working conditions. It's tough work, for which they get little respect. Something has to be done about this! It's time for the costumed henchmen to unionize.

Tonight select henchmen in the employ of the city's most prominent villains have gathered to decide how they should proceed, and what collective demands they will make to their employers. Will be the start of a new era? Or, like those of so many villains, will their plans be foiled?

The Difficult Life of the Costumed Henchman takes place in a pretty typical supers universe. That is, it is a world very much like our own—except that there are superheroes, supervillains and, of course, those supervillains tend to have squads of costumed henchmen to do their bidding.

There may be a whole world out there, but this game is primarily concerned with what is going on in the City.

The City is a typical shining American metropolis. It's got a thriving business district downtown. It's surrounded by a score of comfortably middle class nearly-identical suburbs. And it's got its own daily newspaper, TV station and inspiring bloggers. But more importantly, it is home to a number colorful of superheroes and supervillains.


Kin is less than kind

Sophie M

Latimer and Latimer, Attorneys at Law
Level 38
100 E 79th Street, New York

To whom it may concern,

You are receiving this letter as you have been mentioned in the Last Will and Testament of Henri MARKDEN.

Mr Markden passed away three weeks ago from a heart attack at his home. As his lawyers we have been given strict instructions as to how the Will is to be read. Each of you will receive a personal message from the late Mr Markden, before the Will is read.

Please ensure you are present at our offices on January 21st 2012 to ensure your part of Mr Markden’s will can be appropriately transferred.

Juliet Latimer, partner


50 years spent sleeping

Sophie M

....Initialising scan...
....External environment hostile...
....Initialise wake up protocol...
….Where am I?.....
….Why do they scream so?.....

50 years ago the world ended. No one can remember why. Now IT has woken. Will it end all over again?

Apocalypse World

Six Monks in a Leaky Boat

Ivan Towlson

Welcome to 13th-century England! You are monks in the service of the LORD. Praise the LORD! The LORD is your friend! After toiling away for years as Red sanctity novices, you have finally achieved the Orange habits of monks. But all is not rosy! Heretics, schismatic sects and Satanists are everywhere!

Especially, it seems, France. That benighted land is a nest of heterodoxy, apostasy and impiety. Fortunately, the LORD has revealed to your archbishop the source of the taint, and has commanded that you be sent to burn it out with fire and the holy word. Praise the LORD!

Just three small details of which the LORD was presumably unaware. One, you’re a secret heretic. Two, you’re a secret schismatic. Three, you’re a secret Satanist. And since your fellow monks are all fired up against heretical schismatic Satanists, if any of them find out, it’s the pyre for you… unless you can put them to the torch first.

So remember: stay alert! Trust nobody! And keep your kindling handy!

Paranoia / lightweight

These Beasts Have Maiden Faces

Ivan Towlson

Poseidon, the Earth-Shaker, is angry. Your return from the Trojan War to your homes in Greece has never been smooth, but rarely on your journey have you seen such storms as this. The fair Ismene, daughter of Poseidon’s servant King Alector, has been abducted by dark winged Celaeno, the harpy. Adding insult to injury, Celaeno has transformed Ismene into a foul harpy herself. The Earth-Shaker’s fury knows no bounds, and he commands you to free Ismene and bring her home, restored to her former beauty.

And when the gods command, you obey. Oh, the gods are vain and petty, and mortals are no more than pawns in their games. But their capricious whims are not your concern. Your strong arm and sharp blade will serve when they call – but your reward is glory. The glory of greatness in battle, in word, in spirit – glory that will echo down the ages in poem and song. That is why you sweat and bleed for the mighty gods.

But only one of you can go down in legend as the victor over the harpies. Who among you will be immortalised with their own star in the heavens? And whose grave will be forgotten along with their deeds? Enter the agon, and prove the glory of your name.

Agon (www.agon-rpg.com)

The Late Mr Plunket

Paul Wilson

So they say it's MURDER! or at least that is what they are saying down the pub.

Mr Plunket is dead and all of the suspects are in the drawing room , the problem is none of you know what is going on or what the hell happened last night.

Paul's latest game challenge - dared to run this game at the Postcon drinks.


Love Story

Michael Foster

It is the 1980s in Britain, Thatcher is more popular than ever thanks to her little adventure in the Falklands and life on the streets is grim. But Shraky, Don and Sunny Boy have chosen one way out, working as enforcers for crime kingpin Harry King. They're a tight crew with ambition and things are looking up when they're ordered to look into a series of attacks on Harry's business, Except now their unity is under threat when it's most needed, because one of them's in love...

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