Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 19th - 20th 2019

The Marsh Bell

Conan McKegg

The Wilderlands of Middle Earth are a dangerous place to wander unprepared in this Age. When a group of adventurers arrive in Esgaroth, they learn of two Dwarven Messengers missing somewhere in the Long Marshes. The Kingdom under the Lonely Mountain is astir, as the two messengers were carrying a letter of great political importance.

Tasked with retrieving the missing Dwarves and their message, these adventurers will begin a treacherous journey where they will need to learn to rely on each other to survive - despite being strangers. For in the Wilds something stirs in the shadows and hungers...

The One Ring

Mouse Guard -- By the Book

Rohan Smith

In the world of Mouse Guard, mice struggle to live safely and prosper amongst harsh conditions and a host of predators. Thus the Mouse Guard was formed: more than just soldiers, they are guides for common mice looking to journey without confrontation from one village to another. They see to their duty with fearless dedication so that they may not simply exist, but truly live.

Play one of the adventure of the Mouse Guard. I have a selection of Missions based on the original Mouse Guard Comics. You will play one of the heroes of the Mouse Guard as you defend Lockhaven and all mousekind from a variety of threats.

Mouse Guard

Order your t-shirts now!

And now we have a final design. And an order form.

Shirts will be $30 each.

The grey areas will be a dull silver, the white areas are... well, white.

For a larger version of this picture, see the attachment below.

We need orders by Monday 16th January please...

Tshirts will be available at Kapcon. Please bring money with you. If you wish to pay by internet banking, then please use the Kapcon account as on this page. Please make sure that you put your NAME and a reference of TSHIRT in the payment.

Any questions, please email us.

Silence of Graia

Jon Ball

Graia is a foundry world that produces Hellhound tanks for the Imperial Guard. Ten days ago an electrical storm formed over the main factory there and communication was lost. The next day a garbled message came through which suggested something sinister was going on underneath the veil of the storm. An Imperial Guard company was dispatched to the factory, but were knocked out of the sky by the storm. Another unit landed outside the storm and made their way in on the ground, but nothing has been heard from them. As the storm grows, the authorities believe a malevolent presence is behind it. Rather than let their factories be used by the forces of Chaos, they prepare to nuke the site from orbit. You are the last attempt to find out what is happening on Graia. Can you save the planet (and yourselves) from the darkness that lurks there?

Set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, The Silence of Graia is an adventure using the Dark Heresy system. In a dystopian future where mankind must fight for survive in the darkness of the universe, the players take on the roles of investigators into what has happened on Graia.

Dark Heresy


Yes, there will be T-shirts this year! Here's the preliminary design:

We're currently getting costs, and running a poll on NZRaG to see how much people are willing to pay; if the costs are too high, then we will fall back to the main design (currently on the back) being on the front. So, please fill out the poll and let us know.

Hopefully we can take orders next week.

Shadowrun Missions: Rally Cry (04-03)

Grant Robinson

The Politics of Deception

Whoever wins the war for the future of the Ork Underground is not going to leave a single weapon holstered. From waging outright violence to employing political subterfuge, both sides in the struggle are willing to use any tactics they can dream of to advance their cause.

Anti-metahuman sentiment has long been a hot-button issue in Seattle, and some members of the Ork Rights Committee have decided to expose one of Governor Brackhaven’s cronies for the racist they believe him to be. The only trouble is, people with a high public profile are usually very careful about keeping up appearances. If the ORC is going to support their accusations of racism, they may need some help in getting—or manufacturing—the evidence they need. That, of course, is where shadowrunners come in.


Shadowrun Missions: Hiding in the Dark (04-01)

Grant Robinson

Open Season!

If the Ork Underground is going to become an official district in Seattle, it’s going to need some cleaning up. Even if it’s not, some of the criminals down there have a pesky habit of bringing their activities to the surface, and plenty of people want them eliminated. Seattle law enforcement has had enough, and ADA Dana Oaks is determined to bring down some of the higher-profile criminals of the Underground—starting with a mob enforcer who goes by the name of Junior.

Shadowrun 4th Edition

Shadowrun Missions: Back in Business (04-00)

Grant Robinson

Welcome Home

It’s a simple job: find a missing girl. Of course, nothing is ever simple in the shadows, and a whole lot of people seem to be interested in this job for one reason or another.


A Stiff One

Stephanie Pegg

You've just had the worst week of your life. This thing happened, and it was awful, and no matter what you tried to do about it, it was still unspeakably horrible. Well, almost unspeakably. That's what Friday night drinks are for - to sit down with your mates, have a stiff one, and vent about all the stuff that's been happening in your life. Just wait 'til they hear what happened to you.


The Wishing Well

Andy Millar

In a secluded spot that is easily overlooked near to the highway between Salamonis and Chalice, lies an ancient well in which nobles and princes from long ago once came to cast their gold and make their wishes. With the passing of time, its location was lost and the wishing well fell into legend.

Many years later, a young boy exploring the woods near his home stumbled across the crumbling structure and saw something gold glinting in the bottom of the dried up well floor. News of the well's discovery quickly spread and adventures from across Allansia descended down into its blackness seeking their fortune. None have ever been heard from since.

Now another group stands at the entrance of the well ready to discover the fate of these adventurers and the secrets of the wishing well.

The Advanced Fighting Fantasy roleplaying game is back with a second edition. So grab two D6, a sharpened pencil and a potion of stamina (fresh coffee) to join the fun on Sunday morning. The perfect hangover cure.

Advanced Fighting Fantasy Second Edition
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