Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 18th - 19th 2020

Games on Demand, 2013 edition


Games on Demand is back for 2013!!

More fun filled adventures from nearly every game system under the sun, with the games run chosen at the start of the session.

Choose from games like:
Dungeon World!
Little Fears!
Monster of the Week!
Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon!

And many many more!


An Intimate of Devils

Anna Klein

1889. Three decades ago, London was stolen by bats. Dragged deep into the earth by the Echo Bazaar. The sun is gone. All we have is the gas-light of Mr Fires. But life goes on, lit by glowing fungus and candlelight. There are still people in Fallen London. And there are still temptations...

The Rose-bride’s Plight

Sam Walker

Broken oaths, betrayals and bitter memories have widened the chasm between the two Courts for decades, with each transition from Onyx to Emerald becoming an ever more frigid and hostile affair. In the past, fanatics on either side have taken overt action against their enemies and tensions have swelled. Members of the freehold fear that if something is not done soon, one party or the other will take drastic action and drive the freehold into a true civil war. Or worse. From amidst this turmoil, two levelheaded rulers have emerged and struck a time-honored bargain, pledging to unite their Courts with a wedding between two of their members. But it appears that someone isn’t eager to see the decades-old hostilities so easily soothed.

Changeling the Lost

Friendship is Magic

Alexander Rodgers

Now that Twilight Sparkle and her friends have saved Equestria a few times, a summons to Canterlot isn't unusual. But it's who summons them this time that's the strange part...


The Meddling Kids In: Too Many Draculas!

Mike Sands

It should have been just a normal vampire hunt. Find the vamp, or maybe a a nest, attack at daybreak and stake them all.

But no, it had to be Draculas... yeah, you heard me, Draculas.

Yes, I know he's fictional. Yes, I know there's only one of him.

Monster of the Week

Panel: Getting Your Game Published

Mike Sands, Simon Carryer, Jenni Dowsett, Morgan Davie, Marcus Bone, Dale Elvy

Wellington has a strong tradition of people writing games and writing for games. This panel is a chance to discuss ideas, work out how to do things, and share experiences.

The panel will be made up with a few of us who have had some work published one way or another. We can share how we dealt with problems along the way, and hopefully help some of you avoid the same ones.

Topics that I expect we'll cover:
- Dealing with game companies as a freelancer.
- Working with Lulu and other print on demand shops.
- Using fundraising campaigns (like Kickstarter).
- Getting a game ready to print.
- Fulfilling orders.
- Marketing your game.

But I expect this to be mainly driven by the people coming along. Bring your questions!


Call for games

The KapCon dragon has awoken, and is searching for games for KapCon next year. If you're a regular GM, you should have already received an email. If not, we're after three-hour tabletops, ideally with pre-generated characters (we're also after ~10 - 20 player larps, but that seems well in-hand). Your game must run to time, otherwise you're cutting into people's eating, socialising, and personal comfort time.

As for what to run, the answer is "anything". Seriously, we don't care. If you want to run Macho Women With Guns, or a tense Call of Cthulhu scenario, or a classic D&D dungeon bash, or even (shudder) Spawn of Fashan (look it up), go ahead. The market will decide. All we ask is that you tell people up-front what they're in for (so, adult content, trigger warnings etc) so they can make an informed choice on whether to play. If you're looking for inspiration, there's a thread on NZRaG called "What games do you want to see at KapCon 22?" which lists some stuff that people want to see.

No, you don't need to write the scenario yourself (but many do). Its quite OK to run something prewritten (hell, I do that every year).

Once you've decided to run a game, fill out the form here (that's right, the one in the sidebar marked "Run a Game!")

"What's in it for me", you ask? Fame, fortune, the esteem of your peers and players. Yes, yes, OK, we also have discounted entry for anyone running a game. And more importantly, GM picks, so you can gain guaranteed entry into another game (KapCon only pre-registers the first two rounds, so this lets you sign up for that hot game in round 5 before anyone else).

With six (now 6.5) sessions of gaming to fill, and about 6 people per group, on average everyone needs to run a session. So please step up and do your bit to make KapCon a success.

The Madness of Their Judgment

Ivan Towlson

On your travels back from the Trojan War to your homes in Greece, you have seen many troubled lands, but the city of Nisyros must have given the gravest offence of all to the gods. The women of the city have been driven to madness and have fled into the mountains and forests. The king of Nisyros has appealed to you to save them, but thwarting the fury of a god is easier said than done!

Of course, the quarrels of gods and kings are ten to an obol. Your interest is glory – the glory of greatness in battle, in word, and in spirit – glory that will echo down the ages in poem and song. That is why you sweat and bleed. But only one of you can go down in legend as the saviour of Nisyros. Who among you will be immortalised with their own star in the heavens? And whose grave will be forgotten along with their deeds? Enter the agon, and prove the glory of your name.


Did you hear the one?

Sophie M

In 1910 the Turnbull family were brutally murdered in their home. The reason why was never discovered, but over the years a number of brutal and increasingly outlandish tales have been told. A tradition has also started amongst students and lovers of ghost stories to stay the night in the abandoned “Turnbull House” on the night that the murders happened, Oct 16th.

This is the 100 year anniversary and the group who spend the night here this year will get more than they bargained for.

*Runner up in the 2011 SDC*


LARP: Bad Dreams: Purgatory

Ivan Essin

Written by Ivan (Vanya) Essin, Gareth Sandford, Robert Birtles-Crute, Porl Bowdler

Three years ago, a wealthy, upper class recluse was found dead. Albert Tenneford Trismegistus died of natural causes, a heart attack, could happen to anyone, especially at such an old age. But you don't believe that for a second now do you? Guilt, you either have it or you don't, and I'm not talking about the type of guilt that you feel, I'm talking about the guilt that binds one person to another. The type that no therapy can ever free you from.

So as you take your final breath in this world, answer me these questions. Are you afraid? Is your soul clean? Surely it might scare you just a little that it might matter?

Escaping responsibility is easy in our world. Now open your eyes, see how easy it is in the next.

Bad Dreams is a supernatural horror larp, with emphasis on heavy roleplaying above all else. Please be advised the game contains highly mature and offensive content.

Cast List

The Second Wife Female
The Butler Male
The Hitman Male
The Daughter Female
The Male Lover Male
The Female Lover Female
TheCop Female
The Doctor female

Costuming Requirements
Casual modern - role appropriate costumng appreciated but not necessary (i.e. a doctor's coat). Variable makeup for way of death appreciated, up to the player..

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