Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 18th - 19th 2020

Shadows of Esteren - Loch Varn


You're confused. You remember being sent to help the nearby community of Loch Varn. But who are these others with you? Come to think of it, who are you?

A crossbow bolt splinters against the rock by your head, and you taste blood from the chips of stone or steel hitting your face. You try to crouch down, to hide from the incoming fire, and realize you're already pressed against the earth, back against part of a wall, amongst a field of ruins, made of twisted metallic beams and rubble. A few torches lying on the floor provide some light, but not enough to see the enemy.

Your eyes meet those of others, also crouched fearfully in the rubble. They're not shooting at you, so perhaps you're with them? How long has this battle been going on? It's plain the others are as confused as you. Is that a body? Is it a person or... something else?

The only thing that's certain is you can't stay here for much longer, whoever fired that last bolt had line of sight on you. Perhaps that doorway, it looks like the one you all must have entered by...

Shadows of Esteren

Something in the Heir

Sarah Daymond

When everything goes to hell, it doesn't matter who you know. It's what you know. What you remember.

What really matters is where you came from.

The Proga family came from old money, and they squandered it away. They hold the same grand party every year, but every time it gets a little less extravagant, a little less special. Rumour was, they'd spent it all on secret collaborations with the government. Not that they have anything to show for it, now.

This year, the only reason they're holding the party at all is the weight of tradition. You probably won your ticket from a radio station. It doesn't matter. Are you here for the party, though, or something more important?

Are you ready to learn where you're headed?


Red Gold

Igor Divjak

Its the year 2150 and hungry humanity has stretched out into the solar system to find the resources it desperately needs. Three corporations compete violently for lucrative mining rights on Mars, found to be rich with gold and uranium, both in short supply everywhere else.

Ascend Corporation mining survey 242 has gone silent after reporting the largest deposit of gold ever found on the red planet. An elite crisis team is dispatched to rescue any survivors and secure the site before a giant planetary dust storm buries them forever.

SYSTEM: EPOCH is a game of character-driven survival horror. The goal is to deliver a tense and scary experience in a single game session. EPOCH players are active participants in the creation of the game atmosphere and have complete control over the creation and ultimate fate of their characters.


EPOCH After Dark


In round 3.5 I will be offering to facilitate any one of the following EPOCH scenarios:

1. Fever Pitch - it's the hottest summer on record and the city is a tinder box.
2. Sunshine Falls - visit an idyllic small town for the funeral of a mentor.
3. Price Slash - come to the grand opening of an exciting, new mall and shop 'till you drop.
4. Road Trip - leave the city behind for a getaway to an isolated mountain cabin.
5. Hard Time - a science fiction scenario set on a state of the art prison facility orbiting Phobos, a moon of Mars.

EPOCH is a game of character-driven survival horror. The goal is to deliver a tense and scary experience in a single game session. EPOCH players are active participants in the creation of the game atmosphere and have complete control over the creation and ultimate fate of their characters.


T-shirts - with order form

Here's what this years t-shirt will look like, subject to very minor typographic tweaking. Price will be $25.

We'll be offering it in both Men's and Women's styles, in a selection of colours. If you really really want one in black you can get it but people are saying Charcoal is the new black, and works much better with this logo :-)

Note that white is a possibility, but the colours would be inverted. Also, we need at least 4 orders in white (or light colours) in order to make it work, because there is extra cost in swapping inks over. If you want white, please choose your style, size and an alternate colour from the drop down. And make a note in the comments field that you want white. If we get enough orders, we will do a run in white. Otherwise, your alternate colour will be used.

And here's the order form. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGdteTREZHhxRTR0NlR...


With the con fast approaching, time for a word about deadlines. In the last week we're busy printing everything out so the con will run efficiently on the day. This means we need to lock stuff down and cannot make any changes until Saturday morning.

The deadline for registration is Wednesday 15 January. The form will be closed on that date.

The deadline for online payment is Wednesday 15 January. If you pay after this date, we will not notice and you will have to pay at the door.

The deadline for schedule changes, GM picks and switching games is Wednesday 15 January. After this, its set in ink and changes will have to be managed on Saturday morning.

There is no deadline for submitting games, but see above; if you offer something in the last week, it may not make the printed timetable or the blurb print-run, and will have to be added by hand - which means a high risk that people won't find out about your cool game and will not sign up for it.

If you email me requesting something done in the last week, it may not happen. The best I can do is add it to a list for the admin staff to handle on Saturday morning.

So, if you want to register, sign up for a larp, or offer a game, do it now.

Ink Will Have To Do

Freya Sacksen

London, 1888. It's July, stinking hot, and the city is crawling with things that can't be mentioned - vampires, werewolves, mummies, succubi, fae (dark horrid things - in the Islands they know, but the upper classmen here sniff and tell tall tales)...

...and now dead prostitutes.

For one reason or another, you're getting drawn into petty mortal disputes that, you're to find, are far less petty than they seem, and far beyond mortal than they have any right to be.

Monster of the Week

Saint Dymphna's School for Destitute Children


Saint Dymphna's School and College for Destitute Children is the only home you have ever known. You and your three fellow students live, study and play within the grounds. You've spent a lot of your life assuming that Saint Dymphna's was pretty ordinary, but in light of the fact that this is your last year there, you've been re-evaluating. And actually, things around here are pretty damn strange!

Based on the "Orphans of Chaos" series by John C. Wright.


Trending Towards Reality

Daniel Steadman

You've been a warrior for decades now. One of the elite, the chosen few. Now the time has finally come to get out of that chair and do what you do best...only this time its for real!


LARP: Quarantine

Claire Ahuriri and Sam Thomas

LARP by Andrea Landaker

This story takes place in the far future, where commerce and intrigue between alien and human worlds have become commonplace. This is partly as a result of the humans' contact with aliens called the Tonnin, who are the only civilization to have mastered faster-than-light travel.

New routes of trade have also brought new conflicts, however. The Khetani, an insectoid race who value efficiency and cohesiveness, have attacked the amphibious Aquecians. The Aquecians only have one planet, the watery world of Aquecia, but it is located in a strategic spot for trade between the Khetani and humans. When they wouldn't make room at their spaceport for the number of ships the Khetani requested, the Khetani decided to make room by clearing away some old Aquecian ships and taking control of the spaceport. The Aquecians were shocked at this barbaric behavior, as they pride themselves on their ability to get along and foster peace. The Khetani, on the other hand, can't understand why the Aquecians cared so much about the loss of a few old ships when the spaceport can now be used much more efficiently.

The humans currently enjoy peaceful relations with all the aliens they know of, and are determined not to take sides or get involved in other races' conflicts. Humans are mainly interested in the peaceful trade of ideas, goods, and science, and have their own problems on Earth to worry about.

This story takes place aboard the Tonnin-piloted shuttle “Redshift”, headed from Earth to the Aquecian spaceport now under Khetani control. After several hours in hyperspace, the destination is in sight.

How will the four different races aboard the Redshift resolve their differences?

LARP, paper-scissors-rock
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