Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 18th - 19th 2020

LARP: Quick and Queasy

Russ Kale

It's the end of Year 13 (Seventh Form) at Raumati High School, and Mr. O'Strate's theatre class has just performed 'Much Ado About Nothing' as part of the school's cultural concert, to rapturous applause. You all decided to attend the cast party at Leonato's place, while his parents are out of town, because they've got a pool and a well-stocked liquor cabinet that would have kept you busy, even if Don John didn't bring the keg. Needless to say, you all got absolutely hammered.
Now it's the next morning, and you can only remember bits and pieces of what you did last night. Crawling through the wreckage of the living room in the late-morning light, you've got to ask yourself - who was screwing in Leonato's room? Why do Benedick and Beatrice hate each other even more now? And what was in that weird green bottle?

'Quick and Queasy' is the fifth and final Shakespeare game for 16 players. It's about looking forward to the future and trying to remember the past. It's about romance and sex and melodrama and other poor teenage choices. Knowledge of 'Much Ado About Nothing' is fun if you're playing, but not necessary. While the game is light-hearted and funny, sensible players are preferred to handle the game's more adult themes.


DELTA GREEN: Artefact Zero


Media report, KXLH.com, 22 September 1999:
"The FBI and the Wheatland County Sheriff's Department are still mystified by the disappearance of a team of U-Penn archeologists from the Big Porcupine Creek area. While the FBI are tight-lipped, sources within the investigation have confirmed that the disappearance has been linked to that of University of Montana-Helena grad student Franklin Opetz, and that Dr Thomas Thorley is a prime suspect in the investigation. Dr Thorley has not been since since escaping from the custody of the Wheatland County Sheriff's Department a week ago, having been arrested after reportedly threatening the U-Penn team with a shotgun. U-Penn archeologists Dr Emmett Wilson, Larry Kazal, Denise Oester, and Gareth Wylin disappeared sometime on September 8 from the Harlowtown, MT Motel 6 where they had been staying..."

NSA Call Transcript, 09-08-1999 15:35Q (19:35Z) OR [REDACTED] RP [REDACTED]
Wylin, Gareth, working through Charlie for the group. 
Ah, Jesus. Everyone is gone. 
Wilson was the first to go, and he just, like, went... away. But now, and I mean its just been minutes. 
Gone. All gone.
Everyone here, at the dig. We're digging at Big Porcupine Creek, near Harlowtown. Harlowtown, Montana. [static] 
[B]ut I couldn't do it. Its something about the antenna we dug up. Something... 
[prolonged static] 
Hair's standing on end... something— [MESSAGE ENDS]

DELTA GREEN is an illegal conspiracy within the US government. Its purpose is to protect the United States from preternatural threats. When they detect one, they have three tasks: find it. Kill it. And cover it up.

This scenario is from DELTA GREEN: EYES ONLY, but will be run under the Cthulhu Dark system.

Delta Green Dark

LARP: A Wolf by Any Other Name

Donna Giltrap

by Maury Brown and Ben Morrow

You are all students at New World Magischola, a wizard college. For various reasons you have found yourself in detention on the night of the full moon. Some of the students are secretly werewolves, hiding their condition in order to attend the college. If they don't collect the ingredients they need to create the Rumulus Lunar Shield potion before moonrise, their transformation into a beast will out their condition and endanger everyone else. They could get hurt or killed, hurt or kill a friend, or worse...be expelled.

Your all stuck in detention together. Will you protect, assist or betray a friend? An enemy?


Shadows of Esteren: Loch Varn

Mel Duncan

The ruins of a Mageintist factory.
The wounds from a theocratic war, ended fifty years ago.
A vale of safety surrounded by a forested mountain full of unknowable predators.
A group of six navigate the gap between nightmare and reality.

Loch Varn is from the Shadows of Esteren prologue manual, using the pre-generated characters.

Shadows of Esteren

What's in the Box

Dylan Tiller

You wake up. You're lying on an old hospital bed, you know the ones with metal frames and a terrible mattress. The sheets making your skin itch slightly. How did you get here? Where is here? You have no memory of what has happened. One minute you were at home getting ready for work, the next you wake up here.

Slowly you sit up, your muscles learning how to move again. Looking around you notice that you are not alone. There are five other occupied beds in this room, all exactly the same as yours. The room itself is unusual, no doors or windows, just cream and green tiled floor, white walls, and mucus green ceiling. In the center of the room is a basic wooden table, and on that table is a box.

A small black box.

How did you get here? Who are all these people in this room? Why can't you remember much? Where are the doors and windows of this room? And what's in the box?

All playable characters are BAD Human Beings


American Gothix

Jacqueline Brasfield

Small town USA, 1986. The goth years.

You and the entire teenage goth population of your town (all 6 of you) have heard the best news ever - The Cure are coming to town!!!

Well, not your town. I mean, nothing ever happens in your one-cow town. This is going to require a road trip, and it's going to be EPIC. You have the family mini van, assorted useful (or not so useful) resources spread between you, and one shared goal: do whatever it takes to meet Robert Smith.

But as with all epic journeys there are challenges and adventures along the way. Will you even make it to the show in the end, or will one of the many possible distractions be your downfall?


American Gothix is a light-hearted, player-driven adventure about road trips, fitting in, standing out, and black eyeliner. In-depth knowledge of 80s goth culture or the cure not required! Characters are pre-generated, but we'll start the game personalising them a little if desired. This game is system-light and is as silly or serious as you want it to be. Setting age as 18+ as may contain mildly adult themes and comedy violence depending on player direction, but I'd expect them to be in the vein of 80s films (mild drinking, clumsy/awkward romance,etc..).


* The newcomer
* The artist
* The delinquent
* The DJ
* The ubergoth
* The brat


Star Wars: Dead in the Water


Across the Galaxy, the spark of rebellion has been lit in the wake of the destruction of the Death Star, the Empire's ultimate weapon.

Emboldened, the Rebel Alliance has significantly expanded its operations.

However, for your team, what began as a routine cargo run for Rebel Intelligence is about to take a drastic turn for the worse....

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion

Dusk City Outlaws

Paul Wilson

Dusk City Outlaws

Dusk City Outlaws is set in the sprawling city of New Dunhaven. The players take on the roles of criminals on the wrong side of the law, collectively known as the Right Kind of People to those who run in outlaw circles. These criminals come together to form a crew, and take on a Job, a criminal enterprise brokered to them by a third party.

Each member of the crew is a member of one of the eight cartels that rule over the city’s criminal underworld. These cartels each have their own turf, their own specialties, their own motives, and their own methods, but they are all bound together by the Arrangement, an agreement that the cartels entered into to preserve themselves against too much infighting. In short, the cartels agree that they have enough enemies without warring with one another, and that they all want the same thing: to get rich. The cartels agree to respect each others' turf, and while some bickering and fighting is allowed, large-scale conflict is forbidden, and revenge is frowned upon.

To maintain this peace, when someone from the cartels has a Job they want done, they call upon the crew, which has members from several cartels, to pull off the Job. Each cartel gets a cut of the take from that Job, and the crew gains some wealth, prestige, and influence, plus the promise of future Jobs from those brokers.

Once the Job has been assigned, the crew must come up with a plan, do the legwork to set it into motion, pull off the plan, and then survive long enough to get paid.

Dusk City Outlaws

Nightmare Town


"It was the middle of the day when the dame walked into my office. I could tell the moment I saw her that she was trouble - good-looking trouble, but trouble nonetheless. She slammed a foot-long wooden stake down on my desk and said she had a problem, a vampire problem, and she wanted it gone. I told her I didn't believe in vampires. She produced a thick wad of cash and asked how much. 'Honey, for $500 a day, I'll believe anything...'"

I'm going back to my roots for KapCon 2018: you'll be playing hard-boiled detectives working for the San Francisco branch of the Continental, stolen from Hammett. I'm going to bring to the table Tommy guns, fast cars, sultry seducers of all genders, clues, murder, extortion, arson, and because we love tropes: Vampires. You're going to bring hard-boiled dialogue, hard-boiled action, and hard-boiled morals. Together we're going to kill a lot of Vampires or die trying. Probably die trying.

Night's Black Agents

Soul Searching

Thomas Borrmann

Something is wrong in hell. There is a distinct lack of new souls arriving and the big boss is not happy. You and a random band of other devils are send to earth to investigate and reinstate the flow of souls.

The system is based on a house ruled version of In Nomine developed by someone called Björn. The rules are simple and aimed at allowing feats and stunts worthy of the masters of hell while providing for surprises and creating an utter mess.

House Ruled In Nomine Satanis
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