Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 20th - 21st 2018

Don't Mind the Donkey

Mike Foster

Welcome to Gately Comprehensive, a secondary school where no two days are the same. It could be anything, from the swimming pool being filled with jelly, a stampede of zebra through the gymnasium, right up to an alien invasion.
As the put upon teaching staff it's your job to take care of these problems, while ensuring you still cover all your classes, keep up with the marking and avoiding being volunteered for any extra-curricular activities. And all sorted in time for a pint down the pub after school, of course.


Mission Drift

Mike Foster

The Mission could not be allowed to fail. Lives depended on your success.
Now you’re adrift in space and nobody knows what happened. You don't even remember the mission. But it hardly seems important right now, because you need to find out what's going on right now. The navigational aid has vanished, and that's never a good sign.



Daniel S.

You play monsters in a modern setting. Monsterhearts is part of the increasingly popular lineup of Apocalypse World hacks and focuses around the intertwined lives of a group of monsters struggling with their lives as teenager.
There are usually many moments of humour in the game but it's usually raging hormones, anger and the struggle to fit in that drive these stories.


LARP: A Royal Celebration

Nik Crombie

A Royal Celebration - created by John Kim.

The crown prince of Florin is due to be married to the daughter of their greatest enemy. The kingdom prepares to rejoice in a celebration of impending peace. Behind the scenes, though, the castle is buzzing with rumors that disguised pirates are among the guests.

This is a comedic fantasy larp, in the spirit of The Princess Bride with nods to A Midsummer Night's Dream along with Monty Python and the Holy Grail. There is real intrigue and adventure, but also outrageous talents and improbable plot contrivances. The content will be suitable for both adults and teens.

Facilitator's note: This might seem like a fairly costume intensive larp, but for those who decide to drop in at the last minute (or don't want the hassle of making/finding a costume) , I'll have a box of random costuming for you to choose from.

Alaric: Steward of the royal palace of Florin.
• Avery: aka "The Amazing Avery." Magician and advisor to General Granville. He is reknowned for his powerful magic, though his motivations are mysterious.
• Baldwin: Younger princeling of Florin.
• Barnabas: An enterprising and feared pirate captain, rival of the Dark Pirate Stevens.
• Barnes: Director of a famed theater troupe.
• Bernadot: Queen of Florin. An arranged marriage with the older Herberunt when he inherited the throne.
• Camille: The head councilor of Gilder, ambassador to Florin. Known for shady dealings, but opposed to war.
• Ferdinand: Captain of the palace guard. An older knight not known for his wits, with ambitions to be a playwright.
• Granville: Top general of Gilder, guardian of Lady Naeva.
• Guildenstern: A noble of the palace guard, an immigrant of Denmark who had fled the political troubles there.
• Harmon: Crown prince of Florin.
• Herberunt: The elderly King of Florin, who inherited the throne 19 years ago when his brother Humphrey was lost at sea.
• Humphrey: Former King of Florin, younger brother of Herberunt. Lost at sea while returning from his extended honeymoon on the Isles of Splendor.
• Jayden: The famed pirate-fighting hero who defeated the Dark Pirate Stevens.
• Naeva: Noble lady of Gilder, ward of General Granville, and bride-to-be of Prince Harmon.
• Rosencrantz: A noble of the palace guard, an immigrant of Denmark who had fled the political troubles there.
• Stevens: aka The Dark Pirate Stevens. A fearsome pirate, who two months ago was defeated and slain by Jayden, and his famed treasure brought to Florin.
• Terry: a palace servant for the past year, known as "Big Ears" Terry, who was hired from the house of a respected but corrupt duke.
• Trudy: Princess of Florin, eldest child of King Herberunt.

LARP: New Voices in Art

Nik Crombie

New Voices in Art is a chamber game about about a group of aspiring artist the night before the opening of the exhibition ‘New Voices in Art’. The participants play a version of themselves as aspiring artists. The main themes of this game are ambition, ambivalence and aloneness. The world of modern art is used as a setting to symbolize our yearning for success and fulfillment as creative individuals.

Created by Tor Kjetil Edland, Arvid Falch and Erling Rognli


The Meddling Kids in: Escape from Seacliffe House

Will H.

“They’ve gone where?” The panic rising in Micki’s tone stopped the conversation dead, a quiet spreading across the whole gang, as their outburst caught the attention of everyone else, drawing them into what had been a private conversation.
“Who’s gone where?”
“Kelly.” Alex blurted, deer in headlights as everyone looked at them. They’d been betraying Kelly’s confidence by telling Micki, but they had to know, right? Telling EVERYONE was a different story, a bigger betrayal.
“Where’s Kelly gone?”
Alex’s eyes darted at their feet, blushing, they stammered out the words which they’d just uttered to Micki, which had caused the outbreak. “The Seacliffe Mansion.”
Silence drops over the gang, the Seacliffe house is renowned as cursed. No one knows who lives up there anymore, and the sounds that drift out at night are horrifying. But those are all just kids stories right? A bunch of teenagers have nothing to fear from Seacliffe mansion, right?

‘We’ve got to make sure they’re ok.’ – Jessie thinks to themselves, caring for their friend.
‘It’s all my fault’ – Connor shies away from the thought, they dared Kelly to go up there.
‘I shouldn’t have let them go’ – Alex dug into the shame, they’d known it was a bad idea to let Kelly go up there.
‘I never told them’ – Micki fights the panic rising in their gorge, they’ve got to save them, got to tell them what they feel.

TBA - Something custom.

Avatar World - The red mountain


What lies at the top of the red mountain?

set in the world of Avatar: the last airbender and the Avatar: the legend of korra this hack of the apocalypse world system is designed for fast paced narrative action! If you like martial arts movies or anime this maybe the right game for you.

The players are travelling for there own reasons to the top of the red mountain a giant spire in the centre of the world. What draws them here? Who can they trust? we can only find out by playing.

Powered by the apocalypse

Chile '73'


A political thriller based on the last days of the Allende regime in 1970s Chile. Five people seek an audience with the government in the presidential palace as the country begins to implode around them. The decisions made in the next three hours will decide their lives.

This has been run at previous Kapcons.

Free form

Four Things


Four things is a game for people who want to explore who they are.

It’s a simple, systemless game about ordinary people and examines the quirks and foibles which form our personalities and how we relate to each other. Inspired by games like Grace, Silver and White and a team building exercise.

You choose facts, or Things, off a list and create a character based on those and one from your own life. What makes you who you are? What are you hiding? What are you ashamed of, or what are you keeping secret and why? Everything is a part of who you are and how you relate to other people... it's time to explore that.

(I also have a version set in a horror movie which is an option)

4 things game

A Quiet Day in the Library


The workers at a small community public library on what appeared to be an ordinary week day. Only, as they pause for another cup of tea they realise that it’s even quieter than usual. Mr Brockton hasn’t been in to read the paper, and he does that every day at 10.30 am, that young mother hasn’t brought her loud child in to play with the toys in the kid’s area…. and the news reports on the radio are a trifle concerning….

parlour LARP
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