Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 20th - 21st 2018

Red Ball Express

Michael Charles

Imperial Operations on Typhon are stretched to breaking point, with supply lines coming under constant fire from the Heretic Traitors dug into the mountainous terrain. The main supply line, known as the Red Ball Express, is the most vital of these routes, being the only viable passage for the heavy vehicles of the Astra Militarum between the Landing Zone and the battle lines.
With heavy losses on the front, the survivors of the 92nd Cadian have been reassigned to guard duty on the convoys while they await desperately needed replacements. Little do the men and women of the Second Company know what dangers await them on the Red Ball Express
It is the 41st Millennium, and in the Grim Darkness of the far future, There is only war!

Only War

Kapcon flagship expectations

Every year since 2001 Kapcon has run a flagship larp. For the past decade or more we've decided on this game through a public process, soliciting suggestions for themes and through our NZRaG forum in the hope that some writers will be inspired. We then select whichever team comes forward with a pitch (in the unlikely even that two teams approach us, we'd have to select just one of them, and point the other one at our multi-headed friends Hydra and Chimera).

Our expectations for the flagship larp are that it be a a mass-market flagship game. Which means:

  • 3 hours long (we have an 8:30pm starttime and a strict exit time of midnight, so the game must be over by 11:30pm). This is non-negotiable, a constraint set by the school and the con format.
  • 50 - 60 players (based on 2016-17 attendance)
  • supports a roughly equal gender ratio (give or take Wellington skew) with good plots for players of either gender (NOTE: this rules out games which require half of our participants to crossplay)
  • fits in the game spaces we have at WHS (you can use 2 floors and the associated corridors, max; most games fit on a single floor)
  • appeals to a broad audience, including some 13-16 year olds (so the themes must be chosen appropriately).

The LARP is run on behalf of the Kapcon organisation. As a result, it must be open to all Kapcon participants who wish
to be included, within the constraint of the game size. GMs cannot exclude players due to personal objections.

A flagship-scale game is a lot of work, too much to be done by a single person. We therefore expect a team, preferably including at least one experienced larp writer. Most flagship teams have been three or four people. You will spend six months writing this thing, so its a good idea to pick people you get along with.

In terms of timelines, the flagship team must have a blurb and be ready to open for signups by mid-October. We expect the game to be cast a month before the con, which means before christmas. Character sheets should go out a week or two before play, in early January, and hardcopy character packs should be provided at the con. The game area will need to be set up on the Friday before the con, and may have players wandering through it on the Saturday. If required, we may be able to lock specific rooms containing props and sets to prevent spoilers, but our ability to do so is constrained by the needs of other games (basically, we need those spaces for tabletops).

For resources, the flagship has a budget of $500 to cover snacks, set-dressing, and printing. There are people in the community who can help you with set-dressing and construction, and we can help herd volunteers for setup. Packdown has to be done on the Sunday, and its normal to have some volunteers start the packup during rounds five or six. Everything must be removed by the end of round 7, at 9pm.

Surge Protection: Round One

Paul Wilson

He is a god of Rock, A virtuoso preformer and quite possibly the biggest mess of trouble you have ever had to look after.

As the elite body guards of the Rock God "Surge" it is your job to keep him on track, mobile and to the next gig on time. Preferably sober.

You play the security looking after a person who would make Keith Richards think he needs to slow down. It will be a game of mishaps and adventures trying to stop your boss from spiraling into destruction before the next show.


The Metal God of Blood Mountain

Grant Robinson

In the misty morning, at the edge of time, we've lost the rising sun... the final sign!

Seven days ago the sun didn't rise over the land, fortune tellers and seers can no longer see past this evening. It seems that the end of the world approaches, and the Metal God is silent, no longer the guide for people across the world.

Now, huddled at the bottom of Blood Mountain, through the pelting rain you see a thunderous red cloud blanketing the peak of the mountain

Up there lies answers for you... in the house of the Metal God.

Heavy Metal Aeons

Lady Blackbird


Lady Blackbird is on the run from an arranged marriage to Count Carlowe.
She hired a smuggler skyship, The Owl, to take her from her palace on the Imperial world of Ilysium to the far reaches of the
Remnants, so she could be with her once secret lover, the pirate king Uriah Flint.
Just before reaching the halfway point of Haven, The Owl was pursued and captured by the Imperial cruiser, Hand of Sorrow, under charges of flying a false flag.

Lady Blackbird

Dungeon World

Nick Adams

Dungeon World (powered by the Apocalypse) is a game of typical fantasy adventuring tropes, filled with stereotypes, monsters, swords, sorcery, and likely epic failure. It takes the best of games like D&D and shrinks the complexity down while enhancing the inter-group dynamics. It's an easy to learn, pick-up game - ideal for people more interested in a relaxed session of gaming.

For this game, players will use class templates to generate their dynamic band of hearty adventurers setting out for glory/rewards/boredom. Rather than run through a pre-generated adventure, players will construct the adventure spontaneously at the beginning, and then develop the plot as the game goes on. Use of skills will let the players themselves introduce information and plot twists, rather than having their fate pre-determined.

This game is being run as surge protection, and offers a more casual (but yet still epic) gaming experience.

Dungeon World

Operation Washout

M.A. Charles

The Imperial world of Caladan is a world of moderate significance, deep within the Hades Rift. A planet of azure oceans and tropical islands, there is little to interest outside parties as the planet has low strategic value to the foul Xenos who infect the sub-sector. What is clear is that shortly before all Astropathic communication was abruptly cutoff the Planetary Governor demanded urgent assistance from the Astra Militarum.
The Cadian 92nd, fresh from a campaign to purge Heretical worshipers of Chaos have been re-routed to join ten other regiments in restoring order to the isolated Ocean planet.
The players, under the command of Captain Stromm, Second Company, find themselves tasked with leading the assault to retake the Governor's palace.
It is the 41st Millennium and in the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war

Only War

Six Monks in a Leaky Boat

Ivan Towlson

Welcome to 13th-century England! You are monks in the service of the LORD. Praise the LORD! The LORD is your friend! After toiling away for years as Red sanctity novices, you have finally achieved the Orange habits of monks. But all is not rosy! Heretics, schismatic sects and Satanists are everywhere!

Especially, it seems, France. That benighted land is a nest of heterodoxy, apostasy and impiety. Fortunately, the LORD has revealed to your archbishop the source of the taint, and has commanded that you be sent to burn it out with fire and the holy word. Praise the LORD!

Just three small details of which the LORD was presumably unaware. One, you’re a secret heretic. Two, you’re a secret schismatic. Three, you’re a secret Satanist. And since your fellow monks are all fired up against heretical schismatic Satanists, if any of them find out, it’s the pyre for you… unless you can put them to the torch first.

So remember: stay alert! Trust nobody! And keep your kindling handy!


The Downtown Data Heist

Nick Adams

The Sprawl is a game of mission based action in a gritty neon-and-chrome Cyberpunk future. You are the extended assets of vast multinational corporations, operating in the criminal underground, and performing the tasks that those multinationals can't do - or can't be seen to do. You are deniable, professional, and - ultimately - disposable.

In the Downtown Data Heist, the team is assembled to undertake what appears to be a simple case of corporate espionage. But as with all jobs in this dirty world, the danger doesn't end until the money's in the bank.

This Downtown Data Heist is one of The Sprawl's introductory missions previously run by the systems creator, Hamish Cameron, at GenCon, and as such may have been played by a number of people. This session assumes no knowledge of The Sprawl, or Apocalypse World.

The Sprawl

The Boy in the Rubble


A Golden Sky Stories scenario written by Jan-Yves Ruzicka.

This game is set in Japan in 1978. You are the local Henge of the village of Shinizumi; mischievous and friendly animal spirits who protect the village and its human inhabitants. Today, you are trying to help your human friends solve a mystery!

Please note that, unlike usual Golden Sky Stories games, this game does have some darkness to it, so it isn't really suitable for anyone looking for a light-hearted game.

Golden Sky Stories
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