Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 20th - 21st 2018

A day in the life

Andrew Cox

After a job gone wrong you were whisked away by your fixer to a tropical "holiday" with no chance to say good bye. Now after a year Sandra was called you back, how does a shadow runner pick up the pieces of a lost life.

Shadowrun Simplified

No Gifts And Do No Good

Ivan Towlson

Mighty Ares’ fury knows no bounds. The hot blooded god of war paid his respects to Hippolyte, queen of the warrior Amazons, by giving her a splendid girdle. But brutal Heracles, wanting Ares’ gift for fair Admete, murdered Hippolyte and stole the girdle. The god will not stand for this insult. And so he requires you to abandon your journey back from the Trojan War to your peaceful homes in Greece, and avenge his favourite.

And why not? Peaceful homes are all very well, but your interest is glory – the glory of greatness in battle, in word, and in spirit – glory that will echo down the ages in poem and song. That is why you sweat and bleed. But only one of you can go down in legend as the avenger of Hippolyte. Who among you will be immortalised with their own star in the heavens? And whose grave will be forgotten along with their deeds? Enter the agon, and prove the glory of your name.


T-shirt order form

Want a KapCon 2015 t-shirt? You can order one here.

Orders are due by January 4.

Experimental Error

Karen Wilson

You're excited to be the first research team to move into the new Salinger Building, but moving labs kind of sucks. It's tricky getting experiments to work in the new lab. There seem to be some teething problems with the building systems: lights flickering; brown-outs wreaking havoc with your sensitive equipment. You reckon the Megadairy corp lab on the top floor is hogging all the power. Their lights NEVER go out, even in the middle of the night. At least, not until the night of the blackout.

Monster of the Week

Kapcon 2015 t-shirts

Kapcon 2015 t-shirts

Bryn has done us another fabulous t-shirt design. We'll be taking orders until January 4. As soon as I get an order-form sorted...

Wicked Lies & Alibis


You are the Prime Suspect in a Murder Investigation

The world is changing; a great economic depression wipes out the life savings of rich and poor alike.

But the party goes on for the wealthy and well-heeled, determined to ignore the impending financial crisis and dance long into the night.

Now a brutal murder threatens to shatter this world of privilege, influence and power. One of your own is dead and a Great Detective has been summoned to solve the case.

Yes you had a motive, and perhaps even the means and opportunity to commit the murder, but you're certainly not the only one...

Clear your name and uncover the real killer, before it's too late!

Wicked Lies & Alibis is a forthcoming title from Imaginary Empire; a whodunnit roleplaying experience set in the age of Art Deco. Players generate characters at the table from a selection of cards, and play through several establishing scenes in the lead-up to a murder. The remainder of the game is resolved through accusations, alibis and flashbacks as the characters seek to avoid suspicion by incriminating one another. This game will only be offered in Round 6.

Wicked Lies & Alibis

The Collectors Institute: Miranda's Rules

Alex Rodgers

As an investigation team for The Collectors Institute, you've recovered weather-control totems from Central American jungle temples, mind-altering Pink Floyd records from music collectors, and supernatural weapons from abandoned Cold War research bases.

So it was probably time that a less glamorous scenario occurred, as contacts are alerting you of strange goings-on in the exotic metropolis of Sheffield. Identification and collection of the Artifact is the main priority, though a chance to be a hero shouldn't be passed up.

Expect a comic, if occasionally creepy game both facing and wielding artifacts of variable power.

GURPS, simplified

Golden Pie Stories

Jan-Yves Ruzicka

Tanuma's cakes are famed throughout the village for their exquisite icing, light fluffy texture, and wonderful sweet sky-blue icing. But someone keeps stealing them, right after she's made them! Who can help her? Surely not the local henge, the village's animal-spirits?

Golden Sky Stories

Small larp signups

As usual, KapCon is running a number of small larps this year alongside the ordinary tabletop sessions. Because these larps require costuming and casting, we are allowing players to preregister for them.

The larps in question are:

Round 3 (Saturday evening, 5pm - 8pm):
* A Royal Celebration (19 spaces)

Round 5 (Sunday morning, 10am - 1pm)
* Watch the Skies (8 spaces)
* The Universe (Which Others Call The Library) (8 spaces)

Round 6 (Sunday afternoon (2pm - 5pm):
* New Voices in Art (15 spaces)
* The Universe (Which Others Call The Library) (8 spaces)

To ensure everyone has a fair shot, we will be running a mini "shark week". Initial registrations will be taken by email between Thursday 4 December and midnight Monday 8 December, after which games will be allocated. Where a game is oversubscribed, the decision will be random. In rounds where there are multiple options, I am happy to take a first and second preference.

Following the initial signup period, games will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you would like to preregister for one of these slots, please email kapcon@gmail.com. I'll let you know next week which game you've been allocated to.

There is another game likely for round 7, and I'll open registrations for that when I receive a blurb.

Note that there are a host of fantastic tabletops as well, so don't worry about "missing out". There will be something good to play regardless.

Dread: The Sun over Mesa Amarillo

Russ Kale

Heading out into the desert for a camping trip seemed like a great idea. You're all perfectly aware of how dangerous it is out there, yeah, but you know what you're doing - you've done it before, and you're teenagers, which makes you indestructible, right?

What a shame it's not just the desert that you have to contend with out here. There's something here with you, and you're not sure what it is, but it only comes out after dark...

[The Sun over Mesa Amarillo is a Dread scenario for six players, about lights in the sky, bloodthirsty monsters, and conspiracies]

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