Shelter from the storm

Rutherford's a typical small town, located somewhere in New Zealand. The folk are friendly, the apple pie's great, and there's at least one big employer keeping people in work. Which is good, because people mostly drive through Rutherford on the way to somewhere more interesting. Of course, there was the murder, but the kid was an accident waiting to happen. Then there was the massive shipment of drugs that was intercepted by the police last week. And sure, some families have been feuding forever, but that’s just what happens in small towns, right? OK, and there’s a lot of new folk in the area, and they speak strangely, and they won’t say what they’re looking for. So maybe this town isn’t that quiet. Perhaps a dark heart beats underneath its placid surface. Perhaps.

Now a storm has blown in without warning. Rain swells the river, and the river eats away at the edges of the town. Wind rips the roofs off houses and pulls trees out of the ground as if it, too, is desperately seeking something. The small civil defence team has started rounding people up and directing them to the local high school, which has been deemed the safest place to spend the night while the storm rages. People have come up from the river and down from the hills – and that’s a dangerous combination, especially in a small space with nowhere else to go...

Shelter from the storm is KapCon's larp for 2014. To register, click here. Remember to register for the con as well, here.

In the meantime, you can read all the news from Rutherford on The Rutherford Chronicle.

A quick note: If you're not on here and have had your casting, don't panic! You have a secret character. We're still looking for more sign ups, so please register.


Lily Dale, art teacher at Rutherford High - Naomi Guyer
Reagan Dale: TV actress - Judit Klein
Audrey Dale, owner of Art Gallery - Rachel Hanover-O’Connor
Ian Dale: office worker - Scott Kelly
Ash Vance : no fixed employment - Damon Ross
Sam Donnolly-Parker: Mayor of Rutherford - Daniel Aitkins
Eli Donnolly-Parker : Mayor’s husband, bookshop owner - Russ Kale
Agnes Brant: School Nurse - Nikki Brown
Doctor Brook Jacobs - Richard Fields
Avery Matthews: Paramedic - Alison McKay
Jamie Heath: History Teacher - Nicholas Wolf
Alex Hayward: Guard at Momentum Combined Technologies - Cirian -
Billie Clark: Public Relations manager for Momentum Combined Technologies - Lisa Aronson
Cassie Church: barmaid at the Rutherford Arms - Amanda Alderson
Val Sullivan: scrap dealer - Matthew Harward
Cal Thompson: mechanic - CJ Schuyt
Chris Mason: seeking work - Frank Pitt
Maggie Thompson - Juliet Thomborson
Kate Dale - Sarah Daymond
Tristan Watterson: antiques dealer - Jason Carruth
Skylar Groves : scavenger - Freya Sacksen
Arabella Jones : head of Jones. Industries - Donna Giltrap
Sydney Jones: Teenager - Courtney Parnell
Mark Jones: Historian and head of the Jennings Memorial Society - Phillip Brown
Constable Marty Jones - Jenni Sands
Rory Thompson: fireman - Tigger Brunton
Maude Thompson: housewife - Mel Duncan
Mackenzie "Mack" Thompson: caretaker at the Jennings Memorial Reserve - Bryn Jones
Abigail Munroe: Principal - Rebecca Harris
Robin Stone: PE Teacher - Rose Nichols
Harley Stone: Teenager - Hannah McKie
Jordan Thompson: Teenager - Catherine Pegg
Harper Thorn: Property developer -
Quinn Terrell : Teenager - James Boyd
Sergeant Andrew Flemming: policeman - Norman Cates
Otis Donnolly: Teenager - Anna Klein
Brett Kelvin: Barman - Sam Hay
Blake Matthews: teenager - Jessica Smith
Tracy Valdez: famous Journalist - Steph Cybart
Nat Mercer: Tabloid Journalist - Tanya Nendick
Teagan Vance: Conspiracy theorist - Viveka Nylund
Dianne Hyde: incomer - Tara -
Dallas Kelvin: teenager - Angus
Carson Murdoch environmental/ activist - -
Taylor Heath: Scientist at Momentum Combined Technologies - Claire Ahuriri
Prof. Keonie Pierce: Head Scientist at Momentum Combined Technologies - Sarah Lyne
Dr. Bennett Grey : Scientist at Momentum Combined Technologies - Jan-Yves Ruzicka
Prof. Cody Sherman : Scientist at Momentum Combined Technologies - Malcolm Harbrow
Lawrence Apple: Janitor at Momentum Combined Technologies - Jon Ball
Dr. Blair Howe : Scientist at Momentum Combined Technologies - -
Cassidy Watts: IT for Momentum Combined Technologies - Jake Wilsea-Smith
Caden Reiner - Hamish Ainsley
Hildred Harmsworth: retired - Ruth Harper
Jack Bailey: currently seeking employment - Nick Pitt
Aaron Sullivan: town drunk - Mike Foster