Code of Conduct

The Kapcon organising committees retain the right to take disciplinary actions against any attendee of the convention for any breach of the following expected level of conduct:

  1. Financial: Attendees are expected to pay all game fees and debts related to attendance promptly.
  2. Legal: Attendees and organisers of the Kapcon convention are required to abide by all New Zealand laws, and any local by-laws while participating in any way.
  3. The Public: Attendees and organisers are expected to treat the public with respect, do their best to show Kapcon in a good light and to not bring the convention into disrepute.
  4. Venue: Attendees and organisers are expected to look after the venue, abiding by all rules, avoiding damage to buildings and the environment and clean as required.
  5. Behaviour: Attendees and organisers will treat each other with respect, including respecting each other’s privacy and avoiding discrimination, harassment, bullying, physical violence, and personal attacks.
  6. Children: Organisers and adult attendees will take special care of attendees aged under 16 years. Where reasonably possible young attendees should not be left alone with adults other than their parents or legal guardians. Organisers and attendees will respect young people's right to personal privacy at all times.

Such disciplinary action may include:

  1. a requirement that attendee leaves immediately, and/or
  2. a requirement that future attendance at Kapcon be subject to a plan for managing or mitigating any risk of a future breach of the Code of Conduct. Such a plan must be approved by the Kapcon organising committee, and/or
  3. in serious cases, a ban on attendance at future Kapcon events.

(With thanks to NZLARPS, whose Code we have pillaged)