Fragrant Harbour

It's 1899, and interesting times have come to Fragrant Harbour! (Hong Kong to its British landlords.) This small island of fishermen and incense-grinders has grown into a burgeoning hub of trade and opportunity: merchants, diplomats, foreign businessmen, spirits, Chinese gentlemen of the very old school, smugglers, monks, and the occasional wandering hero all rub shoulders with ordinary folk just trying to make a living. Meanwhile, in the anteroom to Hell, harried clerks strive to process newly dead souls, keep their unruly spirits under control until the ferry arrives, and stay out of the way of the physically arduous - yet spiritually uplifting! - quest to fetch the Ultimate Vehicle the emissaries of Heaven are arranging.

And, of course, you never know down which alley Enlightenment is waiting, to beat you with a club and rifle your pockets for loose joss sticks. Interesting times? Or just another day in Fragrant Harbour...

Cultural Statement
Fragrant Harbour is intended to be a fun happy live roleplaying game that celebrates Chinese culture. We've been inspired by primary sources such as Journey to the West and The Dream of the Red Chamber, the politics and history that led to Hong Kong's existence as a trading port, the wuxia literary and film genre, and religious and philosophical ideas. We're also interested in Hong Kong's position as a nexus between Eastern and Western cultures. We don't intend to cause offence to people of Chinese heritage (but own our mistakes if we have.) The short version - if you thought a movie like Kung Fu Panda was OK, you'd probably be OK with Fragrant Harbour. We're happy to discuss our design choices with people who have an interest.

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The Team
Writing: Catherine Pegg, Stephanie Pegg, Ellen Boucher
Graphic Design: Bryn Jones
Props: Richard Fields, Hannah MacKie, Nick Cole
Content Reviewers: Jim Liu, Morgan Davie