KapCon 2010

My Life with the Boss

Dan... the only real Dan

The life of a executive is a hard one. The horrific things you do make it difficult to feel good about yourself. If only someone loved you.

A disfunctional relationship with your Boss in the high powered life of Corporate Executives for Newsprint Limited. A game of modern horror and self loathing set with a backdrop of life at the top of the Journalisim field.

My Life with the Boss is a corporate adaptation of Paul Czege's award winning game My Life with Master. Prepare to serve a most ambitious sociopath and eventually be his undoing.

My Life with Master

We need more games

Its a little over three weeks to go until the con, and we're into the final stretch. And as always at this time of year, we need more games. While we're doing better than we were this time last year, there are still a lot of gaps in the timetable. And because preregistrations are doing way better than last year, we have a bit of a crunch in the first round.

The Cold Shore


December, 1870 - the clipper Sea Witch, a week out of Melbourne and bound for England, is caught in a storm in the Southern Ocean. In the dead of night, it is driven by the tempest onto sheer cliffs. A handful of survivors drag themselves onto the beach. But while they may have survived the wreck, can they survive what lurks on the cold shore?


treasures in the ratscastle

Ursula Kaiping

You are a rat, you are living in the ratscastle, that was left behind from the Builders you never know if they will come back, but at the moment there is peace in the ratscastle. The packs in war a long time are know living in trace, so it is time to explore other parts of the ratscastle where no pack lives, no one knows what there is, maybe the reason why the builders left, or only more danger...

Be a rat, a really rat with claws and a tail, eat what other would throw away and craw on all fours through your short and dirty life.


KapCon needs you!

We need more games. Lots more games. Currently, we have 5 each for the first and second rounds, plus games on demand. That gives us around 25 spaces plus GoD, but they'll fill fast once we open registration. So, if you'd like to run first- or second-round, please submit your game today.

Communing in Darkness

Donna Giltrap

Time was that everybody who was anybody went to seances. Time was that there was a living to made out of being a medium. Some of them were fakes, sure - But some of them were for real, and could put you in touch with the dead. For many rich people, mediums were a necessity. Who else would provide a link with family long gone? In the occult-obsessed 1920s it hit fever pitch, and both the good and the bad mediums thrived in an atmosphere of appreciation.


The silver kiss of the magical twilight of the full moon.


Supernatural teen romance. So there's these two teens, and the minute they see each other they fall desperately in love. But there's something strange and dark at play, one of them is a mystical being! And the other is just a human! How can they ever possibly make their love, which is true and pure and incredibly important, work?

I made it up

The Book Club

Stephanie Pegg

The Calvino Bay Book Club has been meeting for a few months now. It's been OK. The books you've been looking at have hopped around the literary spectrum from the 'classics' like Austen and Dickens, whatever new wunderkind book has got the critics excited, and that time someone wanted to talk about Harry Potter. Something for everyone, you reckon, and you get to meet people you wouldn't otherwise know.

But now, oh now, you're going to talk about The Book. That Book, the one you read when you were 18 that suddenly made the universe make sense to you. The Book that helped you work out who you were as a person. You want, no, you have a visceral need to make everyone else understand what The Book means to you.


Digging for a Dead God


In May of 1939, somewhere in the jungles of Africa, a small band of soldiers have stumbled across something ancient. Something terrible. And they are about to suffer the consequences.

Digging for a Dead God is part one of the 'Curse of the Yellow Sign' series by John Wick. This is Cthulhu at its darkest, and not a game for the faint of heart. Enter if you dare...

Call of Cthulhu

Shadowrun: Murder? On the dance floor?

Nick Garden

In the year 2012 magic came back into the world. Its now 2071 and elve, orcs, trolls, humans and dwarves struggle to etch out a living in a world dominated by the Megacorps. The players play a team of shadowrunners, a group of hired criminals who do "jobs" no questions asked and off the record.

You get a call, a local night club owner wants to hired some special talent with special skills. Your down to your last dime and need the extra cash.

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