Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 23rd - 24th 2021

Instruments of the Chrysanthemum Throne


In Japan, legend holds that when object reaches one hundred years of age it achieves a soul and becomes self-aware. These objects are known as a Tsukumogami. Most are harmless, but some are pure evil.

Now the nation faces it's greatest crisis. The natural balance between elements has been shattered; natural disasters ravage the land and monsters of legend terrorise the people.

The Emperor's last hope are the most powerful Tsukumogami, known only as the Instruments. They have been locked away for generations because of their abiding malice and hatred of all people.

Who will be brave, or desperate, enough to wield an Instrument in the service of the Chrysanthemum Throne?

Instruments of the Chrysanthemum Throne

Are you feeling Lucky?

Dylan Tiller

It's heist time!
The old gang is back for one final heist: to steal as much as you can from the Auckland Museum, as well as the rare jewel on display.

Wait... Did someone invite a dog?

Going in through the day time, you will work together to steal different objects located in the museum, and try not to get caught.
Are you feeling lucky?

This game uses a luck based system developed by me, the GM. Rules will be explained at the beginning of the game.


Magical Girl Blues


You are a magical girl ... that is a title, you might actually be a boy, a cat, a sentient potted plant that levitates ... use your imagination. You are attending a special school for gifted people, creatures and such. One day you will become a defender of Japan and your neighbourhood - you are not there yet.

Something goes bump in your town. Trouble is that all adult magical girls are off dealing with a Kaiju crisis somewhere at the coast, so you and your friends are all that there is.

This is a home-brew system using very simple rules learned in 5 minutes. Anything goes to some degree, but keep things civil and PG. There will be only a very rough outline for a story, you will build the world, hopefully - I feel kind of lazy.


The Cats of Epeiros

Ivan Towlson

Wandering the seas on the way back from the Trojan War, a group of heroes find themselves on the island of Epeiros. The tiny kingdom is prosperous, happy - and a haven for hundreds or thousands of cats. It is said that if the cats were ever to leave the town of Epeiros, it would signal doom for the kingdom. But with what fate could the capricious gods possibly threaten such a place? What secrets do the unblinking eyes of the cats conceal? And, most important, what glory would accrue to the hero who could save Epeiros from its mysterious prophecy?

Agon is a game of Greek myth, in which you cooperate with your fellow heroes to succeed in a quest, while competing with them to determine who will take their place among the stars, and whose grave will be forgotten along with their deeds.


Sam's Car

Mike Foster

An unfortunate error. Now it needs to be rectified before the wrong people notice and get angry. Go pick up Sam's car they said, it'll be easy they said, you'll be doing him a favour they said. What could possibly go wrong? You're about to find out.

A sort of thing with dice

DELTA GREEN: The Last Equation


Media report, WDEL-FM:
"We have further news on this afternoon's mass-shooting in Alliance, New Jersey. Police have confirmed eight victims so far, all from the same family, but are still searching the house where the incident took place. The shooter, who killed himself after chasing the final victim into the middle of Highway 6, has now been identified as Michael Wei, a mathematics student at Colombia University. Sources inside the investigation have not identified any connection to the victims so far, or any motive for the crime. State troopers have not so far identified the numbers Wei spraypainted in the middle of the highway, but they seem to be the only clue to his violent rampage. In Washington, Republican Senators have said that their thoughts and prayers are with the relatives of the victims. We will have further updates on this tragic situation as they come in..."

Eight slaughtered innocents, a dead mathematician, and a spray-painted number. No clues, no leads, no motive. As usual, that’s where DELTA GREEN comes in...

DELTA GREEN is an illegal conspiracy within the US government. Its purpose is to protect the United States from preternatural threats. When they detect one, they have three tasks: find it. Kill it. And cover it up.


The Heat Is On


As the school melts in an early sultry summer, the pressure is on the school misfits to recover stolen exam papers before they take the fall.

BubbleGumshoe is the game of teenage sleuths. It's a game of detection and melodrama; think Veronica Mars, The Three Investigators, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Riverdale, and Brick.


The Halls of Ancient Axiom

Chris Haddock

7000 years ago, when the world was not the same as it is now, there lived a mighty people, as skilled in machine as they were in magic. The Axiomites as they were called built wondrous halls and filled them with riches and artifacts such as the world had never seen, and would never see again. They distilled the light of the sun, reflected it and refracted it a thousand times over and created a cavernous hall of light and life, that they named the Home of the Sun.

Eventually, great Axiom was abandoned, and its people fled the world. Some say they became beings of pure light, departing the mortal sphere for the light of the stars. Soon after them came the ancient Dwarves, no less advanced, and curious about their precursors, they delved the mighty cities of Axiom, and found the Home of the Sun. Whatever they found there, it was unsettling, for many dwarves perished and their records report a terror came from that place to consume their race.

Soon, the dwarves too were gone. Millenia passed and kingdoms rose and fell, and mighty Axiom became a legend. But now the world has come to find the secret of metal and steam again. Magic mixes with modern, and the world is shaped by coal and gunpowder, and the Halls of the Sun call out to adventure once more…
The nearby empire of Caelon has sent one of its own, a noble by the name of Heron Kashmere, to bring order to the frontier town that has sprung up in the upper levels of the Sun Halls, providing a home for the plunderers, looters, archaeologists and other pirates who seek to make it big on the treasures hidden within its depths. Lord Kashmere, as newly appointed governor, has put out a call to any adventurer wishing to delve the lower levels, and has asked that any news be brought to the surface of habitable rooms, useful artifacts or danger. For glory or for gain, you have answered the call…

About the Game:
Welcome to the Home of the Sun! This is a traditional dungeon crawl, with traps and monsters and treasure galore! It is run using the Pathfinder first edition system, a kind of evolution of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5. D20s will be rolled, and rocks shall fall, though hopefully not everyone will die.
So what’s special about this dungeon? Well for starters, I don’t know what it looks like! We’ll be building the dungeon together as we play, and it will begin to take shape the further you delve. The rooms, monsters, traps and treasure are (mostly) randomised, so not even I know what you could face!
I’ve designed the game to be as friendly as possible to people of all skill levels. While I recommend that players have some experience of roleplaying and of DnD in general, the characters available have been categorised by the skill level required to play, with an even mix of beginner friendly and more advanced builds. The goal is to have as much fun as possible, and to see some whacky situations crop up from my patented Dungeon-o-matic 3000!

Pathfinder First Edition


Jamie Sands

You had a plan, you were going to be safe and sound for the purification… but there’s a spanner in the works, your plans didn’t work out, and now you’re stuck in this place with people you don’t know and cannot trust. Can you survive the night?

Set in an alternate universe American city: for 12 hours there are no laws. All crime is legal, and all police, fire and medical emergency services remain unavailable for 12 hours, from 7 pm till 7 am the next day. The only rules being that government officials with authorization levels of 10 and higher are not to be disturbed and all weapons above Class 4 (all explosive devices, rocket launchers, bazookas, miniguns, etc.) are forbidden.

This is a fast paced game requiring imagination, quick thinking and a certain stomach for horror.

No rape in this universe, but creative murders and deadly traps will occur.


Dogs of War

Mike Foster

Nobody knows where they came from. But their intention was clear, and they carried it out with brutal efficiency. But now a small group of survivors must risk everything in a desperate mission to recover much needed medical supplies.

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