Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 23rd - 24th 2021

The Rosetta Plague

Luke Walker

“The TAS Thoth! Sounds like a musical, looks like a music hall! I thank you!” The Doctor throws the TARDIS doors open and leads you out onto a wide open, brightly lit hall inside the Archive ship. A symbol, a ‘T' made of hexagonal cells, is engraved on the wall.

"Torchwood. They're doing good work in this time period, to be fair. Lots of archiving, lots of research. None of that imperialist, if it's alien it's ours, nonsense from the 21st Century.” He breathes in, looks up and smiles. “No, here, all they're concerned with is the endless, complex tapestry of hist-Oh.”

Running towards you, arms waving, teeth bared, are a variety of aliens. Each one looks furious, each one is brandishing a weapon and each one is screaming one word over and over again.


Play the Doctor, Rose, Captain Jack and the gang through an adventure in time and space.

This game will be run on Saturday night, during the larp, for non-larpers. Please contact the facilitator if you want to play in it.

Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space

Little Vermin

Donna Giltrap

You are members of the Vermin, a gang of Victorian child thieves. A travelling circus has arrived in town and wherever crowds gather there are rich pickings to be found. Your boss, Mr Fladges, is expecting the evening to prove most profitable. It doesn't do to disappoint Mr Fladges, and he has made it clear that anything less than a shilling each would be most disappointing.

Little Fears

Shadowrun: Something Completely Different

Grant Robinson

It's Not Just a Show, It's a Happening

As any artist will tell you, the art scene can be brutal, especially in
a high-octane setting like Manhattan. There are plenty of horror stories
to go around—but none of them can touch what’s about to go down at the

In this Mission, Shadowrun players will find themselves in the middle of
an art opening unlike any other, with chaos and screaming and dancing
statues. Unless they keep their wits about them, the latest masterpiece
in the museum will be painted in blood—and to make things worse, if they
can’t defuse the situation, they might not get paid.

Something Completely Different is the latest Manhattan Mission, giving
Missions players a chance to learn more about the creative spirit behind
some of the city’s artistic masterworks while also giving them the
opportunity to shore up their alliances with powerful megacorps.

Note, this mission is a part of the ongoing Shadowrun Missions campaign
set in New York. You are welcome to bring along a character if you have
one prepared, you are also welcome if you don't have a character and
would like to try out the latest edition of Shadowrun, since I will have
sufficient pre-generated characters at the table.

Dice required: between 5 and 15D6

Shadowrun 4th Edition

The Most Beautiful Woman in All of France

Jonathan Tailby

Smash hit of Otago 2001, recut and refined for the KapCon audience.

A group of swashbuckling heroes, reunited in Callais after long absences, quickly come to a wager. Who can win the most beautiful woman in all of France, by the time of up coming ball? So begins the week of competition and plotting, and what role does the woman herself play in all of this? Good luck heroic champions.

The Thursday Crisis


This summer your favourite super-franchise delivers another action-packed episode:

For seven years the planet has enjoyed peace and security thanks to the magnificent efforts of the reunited Council of Champions. When we mark Champion Day this January 23rd, we give thanks to the all-American hero Captain Hope, British super-genius Professor Eternity, Spanish gun-slinger Salvo, the giant Ground Zero, and all the other champions who risk their lives to safeguard global prosperity.

Things haven’t been going smoothly for the champions of late; twenty six passenger planes have gone missing during the last month - creating a world-wide panic, while temporal distortions have been wrecking havoc in the streets of the world’s most populous cities. Then there’s Hope and Eternity’s teenage son Daniel’s very public rift with his parents, which has been tabloid fodder for months, and the reported production problems and cost overruns with Captain Hope’s grandiose biopic.

Will the Champions manage to master this latest mysterious malevolence?

Can our protagonists prevent pandemonium or will personal predicaments prevail?

Find out at Kapcon XX on January 23rd...

This game will be run in round 4, with an option for an extra run in round 6 if there’s sufficient demand. For more information about what has gone before check the Council of Champions blog at: www.councilofchampions.blogspot.com

Resolute 2e

HarnCon: Naked on the Beach

Lawrence Bryan

The night before a storm came out of nowhere and despite the efforts of the crew drove the ship on to jagged rocks that ripped the hull from one end to the other. The last thing you remember was being washed over board and sinking beneath something to heavy to what you assumed was an early death.

At day break you find yourself alive on a beach with a warm sun slowly rising. As you sit up you see a few more folks stirring and some not moving at all. Out to sea a few hundred yards is the remains of your ship. Along the beach are various piles of debris. Except for some bruises and a few cuts and scrapes, you seem to be okay.

What do you want to do?

This is a freeform, low-magic, fantasy survival game using the HârnMaster Gold system. The rules are not complex, and it would be a good introduction for new players.

HarnMaster Gold


Yes, there will be T-shirts, available in black and white and costign $23 - $26 depending on the number of orders (more orders = cheaper). If you want one, email kapcon@gmail.com with your size and colour. Orders must be received by January 7th, and the shirts will be distributed at the con.

The Matter Involving the Moon


The cats from Arkham are back! After experiencing the full horrors behind Tomtom's demise and surviving to tell the tale the cats of Arkham are again head into the shadows of Arkham when they are approached by a proud, regal cat who asks for their help with matters involving the moon.


Chaos in Rome


The political landscape of Rome is shifting subtly and the family is under attack. First the head of the family was assassinated and now the daughter, Oppia, is missing. The family, along with trusted friends, now gathers at the family home for an evening meal. While this is the opportunity to discuss family business the main topic of discussion is the suspicions of your honoured guest, Senator Strabo, and how his story relates to the disappearance of Oppia.

Prepare yourself for a roller-coaster ride through ancient Rome where assassins and much much worse lurk in the shadows and players try to keep their wits and their head about them (literally) during these dangerous times.

I first ran this at Confusion 2010.

Cthulhu Invictus

The Black Cat


As the cats of Arkham prowl the night a piercing cry from one of their own cuts through the summer night. The next morning, the frightful news spreads through the neighborhood cats: Tomtom did horribly that night! Can you track down the evil serial killer stalking the feline population of Arkham before he or she strikes again?

Re-run of last years game.

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